Emblem in VIP pass

i wonder if SG would approve this idea ? deliver 1 or 2 random tokens every day for VIP pass

well 30-60 “random tokens” are fair enough for VIP , any though pls

I like this idea! It wouldn’t make a huge difference, seeing as you need so many tokens just for one hero. But a nice little something for those who pay for the passes.

It would be a good incentive for those unsure about buying the passes, but if they do it also helps SG by keeping players in the game daily to collect.

This idea is LIVE…good job @Kerridoc this is very similar to the guaranteed emblem thread we were voting up. Great to see in the VIP though.

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Wasn’t live as of this morning. :frowning:

Maybe tomorrow? lol

I got one this morning. it is live

guess I’ll need to pay attention tomorrow. All I saw were loot ticket and gem animations. Didn’t see an emblem animation. haha

Did you update you EnP today? There was a new update released.

If I’m not wrong, it also mentioned that VIPs will start getting emblems once the rollout is complete.

Version 18.1.0 Build 889 is what I got. Google play isn’t showing any update beyond that version.

Same version as me. If you go to the part of the shop where it says you can buy the VIP pass, you should be able to see “1 x emblem” as one of the listed benefits.

Yup there it is. I didn’t pay enough attention this morning to see what emblem I received.


Not my doing! I’m just a player who tries to keep some order and civility around here. Thanks to @mhalttu and his staff.

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Wasnt that your post though, suggesting 1 guaranteed emblem in each chest? Just thinking this was the way that SG instituted the idea.


Well, yes, but I still want that. 1 extra emblem in VIP isn’t as valuable as a guaranteed 1 emblem per chest, and besides, improving the chests helps everyone, not just VIP.


Well most of our alliance up voted that topic…hope that happens too

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