Emblem giff Santa or Yang Mai?

I have 500 monk, Santa called me yesterday he said giff me emblem I giff gifts. But Yang Mai says giff me emblem I sleep with you. Please help me I don’t know what to do. I want to sleep with her and also goods in his bags🤪

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Go with the girl. Forget the DOM.

If there’s anything you should have learned by now in this game, it’s that the contents of bags are rarely worth having.

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Both of these are niche heroes.

Santa is a slow jack of all trades, who does ok damage, applies ok debuffs and summons ok minions, and shines pretty much only in rush attack tourneys.

Yang Mai is a specialist hero, who excels in extended fights where you want to maximise tile damage, but is pretty meh otherwise. She is IMO particularly good for titans, especially mythic ones.

Given how titans are more common than rush attacks, and since Yang Mai has that phat s4 base statline, I say go with her.

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Plus the element link in a red stack, mana boost is always good. Santa’s minions are less of a bonus than they used to be.

Yang Mai is a great hero.

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