Emblem Forge to Convert or Create Emblems

Me too, I will only level it once all buildings are maxed, which will not happen in the next 1-2 years :smiley:
But probably until that time SH25 and Hero Academy comes, and I will have more building to work on :smiley:

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do I detect a note of sarcasm?


Yes, just a “little” :smiley:

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From me? Never. :innocent:


YAAAAS! And if it’s good enough, it can make squads with multiple heroes of the same class viable! This I would like to see. If I can use my Telluria and Clarissa in the same squad with emblems, I would be very happy. :blush:

Emblems are basically another way to level up heroes and thus are much like trainer heroes. As the new HA allows us to train trainer heroes, it would be nice to also be able to craft in Hunters Lodge/Forge or train in Hero Academy/Training Camp all the different types of emblems. Alternatively, another advanced building could be created. If it’s integrated into Hero Academy, it could be as additional levels.

A competitor from the get go lets you convert your unused 4 and 5* into emblems. It’s not a lot, maybe 12 for a 4* and twice that for a 5*? Costs you ham and iron and it generates emblems in the same class you sacrifice.

Hi guys,

The Alchemy lab offers us a great variety of opportunities for transmuting battle items, ascension materials, crafting materials into something else of the same level (like, rare ascension material to a different rare ascension material).

However, this is not the case with talent emblems. I would find it very useful to introduce this feature in the Lab, so you could randomly transmute an emblem to a different type.

What do you think?

This is an amazing idea. I hope SG is considering this. Thanks for the suggestion and, I second the motion!

Thanks in advanced.

AL is also possible to produce them.

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