Emblem for climbing materials

Surely this proposal already exists but I vindicate it, I have been from the beginning with the game for someone who accumulates a large number of heroes and seeing how difficult it is to collect ascension materials in addition to seeing how the old heroes are obsolete compared to the new ones that are emerging … it would not hurt if there was the possibility of revoking all the promotion materials of a hero to be able to use them in another that we thought might be better, it is the case of someone who had ascended to the Antiheroe Mok-arr … although Although I have two, none have ascended
But I do have many 5 * heroes that I know will never be able to ascend due to the slowness with which the materials come out and it is not for lack of spending in the game since sometimes I have collected 10,000 gems during the year to use them in Atlantis and the most I won were 4 * heroes, I will also say that on other occasions such as in the case of Frida HOTM up to 5 he gave me the game, in addition 3 Liannas, 2 Kunchens, 2 Mok-Arr…etc…

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