Emblem Effect Names

When did:

Jinx, Evade, Companion
Wizard, Rogue, Druid

Must be a bug? Or is that some kind of new ugly UI for the effects?

Wizard, Rogue and Druid are clas names

Jinx, Evade and Companion are clas abilities

Version 41

I looked and didn’t see anything in there.

Ah sorry, wrong talent notification, but this is when I started noticing.
I don’t think it’s a bug.

I have asked staff about this but haven’t heard anything back.
I’d say it’s a new feature then a bug… This is in the v41…

  • Improved battle notifications, so that talent, passive skill, family and level property notifications are not displayed on top of each other during the battle when effects are activated
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Did a quick search but not sure what to call this. I noticed on raids that when a player evades or is a ghost and gets resurrected, the diamond shaped message that says “evade” now shows the characters class.

It’s intended change, was mentioned in the new version release notes.


Oh. What an awful design decision.

So used to the old UI. How does this improve QOL in any significant way?

Yeah, I agree that it’s a dumb change. The word Barbarian doesn’t even fit into the card, when barbarian’s bleeding activates during the raid. Not exactly sure what was the intention here, I don’t think people were ever confused in raids about names of class skills or anything.

My bet is they want to it to be clear when particular effect is applied because of the talent and when because of the special skill.

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Hi! Sorry, the talent skill name change in battle was unintentional, we are looking into it. It seems we fixed one bug and created another.


Yeah I know, my garjammal bleed someone as she became fully charge then for a second the word ‘arbaria’ appeared in her thumbnail. I was like ‘what kind of fantasy language/country is that?’

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Prob causing some of lag issues

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