Emblem Drop Tracking

Might as well start posting your drops and give the data collectors a chance to start mining and finding trends


Date: (1/15/19):
I’ve recieved 2 fighter emblems from 1 diamond chest. 30 wizard emblems from holy elemental chest.

Have opened 2 monster chests with 0 emblems so far


I have recived those from regular chests today.


Edit: 17th Jan 2019

+Result in 2 days later, with taking in notice +1 Gormek Barbarian.

18th Jan 2019
Appolgy of SGG of +5 emblems of all classes.

If you want to help the data miners, we’re also going to need numbers of chests with no emblems.

So: currently at 6/7 chests with emblems. Here they are.


My regular monster chest dropped 2 cleric emblems yesterday. My raid chest dropped 1 barbarian emblem this morning. I’ve opened 3 regular monster chests and 2 regular raid chests so far.
I’m not sure how we should organize this data. Should it just be quantity of emblems or would we be looking at classes as well? See if one class seems to drop more than another?

  1. Month, 14. Jan - 10. Feb:
    Normal Chests: 94 (53/94) 88 Emblems
    Titan Chests: 5 (4/5) 24 Emblems
    Elemental Chests: 3 (3/3) 73 Emblems
    Rare Titans: 2 (2/2) 5 Emblems
    War Chests: 1 (1/1) 5 Emblems
    Total Chests/Loot: 105 (63/105)
    Total Emblems: 195
    Type of Emblems:
    Barbar: 31
    Cleric: 74
    Druid: 7
    Monk: 10
    Fighter: 10
    Ranger: 11
    Rogue: 12
    Paladin: 9
    Sorcerer: 23
    Wizard: 11

  2. Month: 11Feb - 10 March:
    Normal Chests: 56 (31/56) 55 Emblems
    Titan Chests: (3/3) 15 Emblems
    Elemental Chests: (1/1) 10 Emblems
    Rare Titans: (2/2) 10 Emblems
    War Chests:
    Total Chests/Loot: 62(37/62)
    Total Emblems: 90
    Type of Emblems:
    Barbar: 8 VIP: 2
    Cleric: 14 VIP: 2
    Druid: 2 VIP: 2
    Monk: 22 VIP: 2
    Fighter: 18 VIP: 2
    Ranger: 7 VIP: 2
    Rogue: 5 VIP: 2
    Paladin: 4 VIP: 2
    Sorcerer: 6 VIP: 2
    Wizard: 4 VIP: 2

Edit: Work in Progress will update this Post on a daylie base

  • Tracking Type of VIP Emblems from now on (11.Feb)

2 emblems from a raid chest and 2 emblems from a titan chest

Both from monster chests on two different occasions.

2/3 monster chests opened in 24 hours
0/2 heros in 24 hours

For those interested in maximizing the information “juice” we can squeeze out of this effort, please give us:

  • # of chests opened in a period

For chests with emblems in that period, please give us:

  • # of emblems of each kind in each chest that had some

I’m assuming that the choice of kind will be pure uniform, but it will be interesting to check.


Thanks gar

I’m sure @Gryphonknight @alcaselzer

May be interested in this as well


@FinishBJ since you were taking emblems drop rate tracking into consideration you may want to participate

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14.01 - Monsters (100) = 0
14/15.01 - Raid platinum = 2x Sorcerer
15.01 Titan (8* A) = 0
15.01 - Monsters (100) =0
15.01 - Raid Platinum = 0

I wasnt tracking quantity of chests per period, but from monster chests i got 2 druid, 3 wizard, and 1 cleric.
I usually open 2 monster chests per day, if that helps

RARE chests will give you 3 to 50 emblems of one class. That we already know.

Yes, actually 3 emblems is the minimum. It sucks but it is true.


Just got 3 from monster chest

Has anyone gotten any from titans yet?

Isn’t only rare titans have a chance of dropping tokens?

Petri posted that it’s only rare titans that drop the emblems and it’s a bonus chance similar to the ascension item associated with the specific titan

Received 3 Monk emblems from a Wanted Dark mission chest:

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Now that’s disappointing. I’d been hearing 10-50 from elemental chests. Hopefully that’s an anomaly. I’m completing my own right now and will edit with results.

Edit: 20 cleric emblems from an ice chest + 3* ascension matsx2, gems, loot tokens, titan flag, epic troop tokens, etc. Sorry, no screenshot.

Hopefully that is a bug. If you can get 3 from a regular chest I would hope elemental would give at minimum 10 tokens. But even that seems low with the amount needed to max a 5 star. Maybe the low drop rate was intentional to get players to max 4 stars first and keep the gap smaller by limiting the number of fully talented 5 stars? :face_with_monocle::thinking:

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