Emblem delete

Good day, I’ll tell you my opinion about emblem. Players who come next year or more, it will be impossible to catch up with the players who are playing now. I think it’s discrimination. I suggest to cancel emblem or change the system of obtaining, for the realization of equal opportunities, players.

I dont know. Ain’t this the same for every game?
I started a couple of months ago, im f2p and I would ‘‘probably’’ never be able to catch up with people that started from day 1 or 2 [troops, heroes, AM’s, challenges or events that they’ve made, they’re too far away and being f2p aint helping; the only thing ill probably be able to catch up with are the buildings lol]; same goes for the people that have started last months but they have spent hundreds and already got 5* heroes [even if they’ll have a problem when they’ll find out they need tons of AM to ascend them]. The emblems are a controverse subject and i still think the way are implemented is still lacking something, but this aint a reason to cut them off.

  • * If you spend a lot of money you will catch up with them on any Atlantis, but the emblem can not be bought in sufficient quantities .


I started playing the game somewhere last october. A friend of mine started 2 months later and she already has three 4 * heroes at talent grid 7 while my highest was Melendor at talent grid 4…hmm…

Because of the ascension materials, they’re not going to catch up very quickly just by spending. I love getting those opponents in raids who have 5 5-star heroes that are only in the second tier for not being able to ascend. They’re easy pickings for my maxed 4-stars!

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You probably do not know that the store sells materials for 5* heroes every day!!!

the ones in the store are not guaranteed and often ignored by a lot of players because of that. The chances of getting that item are like pulling the HOTM…

I’m only talking about the possibility.

I wonder how this is “discrimination”, by any definition?

If player A has spent more time in the game, player B shouldn’t be able to catch them easily. That’s not discrimination, that’s a meritocracy. Put in the work, get the reward.

As every player will tell you, the game is a grind. It takes a few months to get a good maxed rainbow 4 star team, and many many more months to get a 5 star team maxed out. Anyone who thinks you can pay to catch up hasn’t played very long, or has very deep pockets.


20 emblems wasted.