Emblem Critical / Mana understanding

Hello everyone!
I would like someone to clarify something for me.
Do you need the proper troops ( Mana speed or Critical ) to utilize the effect of the emblem choice when selecting & unlocking that option or is it ineffective if you made the wrong choice until you get the right troop?

Don’t worry too much about choosing the wrong path. You can’t really make wrong choices because crit / heal buffs only apply to the hero you’re embleming. Once you unlock the emblem node your hero will always have that buff (unless you reset its emblems of course).

It’s not necessary to have the right troops. Troops add their buffs to your heroes no matter which path you choose in the emblem tree.


Thank you for clarifying that information. I wasn’t sure if after activating one of those button it wouldn’t work unless you have the proper troops. Now, I comprehend it applies only to the hero & not the troops, beside enhancing those options.

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Healing bonus is not as helpful as the other bonuses. Most people usually pick either crit or mana bonuses to enhance their troops buffs.

And no problem :slight_smile:


Healing bonus not being as helpful is putting it mildly. As things stand given how +healing works going up any of the regular +36 health nodes does more for most healing than the healing node does itself whilst being both cheaper and increasing your max health.

Avoid healing nodes like the plague - only reason for going through one is because you need the node directly below it on the same branch for some specific reason.

But for those needing a little convincing on how bad the healing node is I’ll provide some numbers. Here I’ll compare the healing that a low health hero (Isarnia) and high health hero (Horghall) get from a smaller heal (Kiril), a larger heal (Ariel) and a large Heal over Time (Ares). For both Isarnia and Horghall they both receive more healing from going up one standard +36 health node than the +2% healing node for both the small and large heal. The only time they get a better heal from the healing node is from the heal over time BUT that the extra 14 health the gain from that heal is still less than half the increase in max health they would get from the +36 health node anyway. Also as talent trees allow maximum health to increase and both regular attacks and damage over time to get better as the attack stat increases (whilst healing over time sees no increase with stats) healing over time has had a bit of a stealth nerf anyway.

Isarnia with 1200 Health.
Heal from Kiril: 336
Heal from Ariel: 480
Heal from Ares after 4 turns: 720

Isarnia with 1200 Health and 2% healing bonus…
Heal from Kiril: 342
Heal from Ariel: 489
Heal from Ares after 4 turns: 734

Isarnia with 1236 Health (one regular health node) and no healing bonus…
Heal from Kiril: 346
Heal from Ariel: 494
Heal from Ares after 4 turns: 720

Horghall with 1545 Health
Heal from Kiril: 432
Heal from Ariel: 618
Heal from Ares after 4 turns: 720

Horghall with 1545 Health and 2% Healing node
Heal with Kiril: 440
Heal with Ariel: 630
Heal from Ares after 4 turns: 734

Horghall with 1581 Health (one health node) and no healing node
Heal with Kiril: 442
Heal with Ariel: 632
Heal from Ares after 4 turns: 720

Personally if you ask me when the standard health increase node increases healing and survivability more than the more expensive healing node it is a sign that the way +healing is calculated or the +% for the node needs to be rebalanced. And whilst on the topic of healing in the class trees, if damage over time increases with attack stat I do think the heal over time should increase with health nodes. The amount of health or damage over time a special did for heroes made prior to the introduction of the class system was balanced based on the stats available at the time, now those stats have changed either both DoT and HoT should have scaled with a stat or neither.


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