Emblem count – how many have you accumulated so far?

Wizard Emblem: 318
Sorcerer Emblem: 503
Fighter Emblem: 448
Barbarian Emblem: 485
Druid Emblem: 378
Monk Emblem: 345
Cleric Emblem: 403
Ranger Emblem: 394
Paladin Emblem: 286
Rouge Emblem: 330

Total: 3890

I missed maybe 2-3 events since they started. This are emblems from all sources, I am not regular VIP so can’t tell how much did I got from there.

Updated as of 8/15/2019. 200+ fewer than last month :frowning:

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Should start seeing higher counts when new challenge events rollout as long as top players dont scream for those to be nerfed too

5,331 total

20 emblems

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Here is my summary emblem, the route def/att/hp is only for suggestion, not the actual.


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