Emblem cost

A standard defense up node costs 50 emblems. A “special” defense up node costs 125 emblems. Standard raises defense 18 points. Special raises defense 3% which is 19 points. Where is the logic here?

Think it’s more about being a speed bump/milestone in progress than it is to be about the stat increase. On panther i actually get like 17 increase on that node so not even as much as a 50 emblem node.

Best theory i have. Just increased cost on certain nodes to impede progress to drag out the process to hold interest instead of making each node the same cost and players hitting +20 on 5* that much sooner

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Totally agree. Just saying they could make it a tad more beneficial. Like 25 points? I get the progress aspect but the cost benefit ratio is pretty stupid.


I agree and wish they had done better with it

The % works a bit opposite of the way i think it should.

Right now using %, those with high stats in those nodes get bigger gains while those that need the boost more get smaller gains

It’s all around a big flaming ball of :poop:


I don’t mind to consider them speedbumps (or a tier-unlocking-mechanics).
You can make a decision whether +1 someone for 125 or +2 someone else for 2 x 50.
But if you want to pump that char to the max emblem-tier, you have to pay.

But yeah, those % nodes don’t bring joy. They are underwhelming, to say the least.

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The cost is fine if it’s a bigger benefit than equal to or less than another node. But even for some heroes it’s only up to like 5 more points of defense than a 50 point node.

Idk just seems like a rip off no matter how i slice it

I unserstand it as a speed bump but that doesn’t mean i like it lol

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Yea, it’s discouraging. But on the other side, with stats having non-linear influence, I would find it fine even if every next node gave less and less of a numerical benefit. Or same benefit with growing emblem-price.

It would encourage embleming more heroes with lower emblem levels.

I really like dimnishing returns approach and having to maintain balance between profits and costs.

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Does the 3% increase as u gain more def or atk?

You spend more you get more. The lower your defense the lower the increase. A 3% attack bonus for a offense 5* is less than a 4* offense hero. It is just a numbers game. I go through the emblems before I start using emblems. I draw a map for each hero as to what they need. Then follow that map all the way through. That way you use no gems or resets because you know what you are doing

No. It’s based off the hero’s original maxed stats