Emblem choice for Scarlett


I have my Scarlett at +7 and I need to decide for the next two nodes do I go health multiplier for +31 and attack +15 or Mana +2% and defense +18. I’m leaning towards the first course just wondering what everyone else thinks.


I personally went full out attack with Scarlett, so I chose the health/attack side. She hits like a truck, and it’s amazing!


Thanks @Lloyd6770. I’ve gone all health and defense so far but I’d like to start bringing her attack up now too.


Can I ask, why’d you choose the health/def route?

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I know she’s known as the hardest hitting but squishiest 4*. She was my 1st (since my 1st day playing). I wanted to have her last as far into the game with me as possible.

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Fair enough. I personally went all attack with her, but that fits my play-style. I either win quickly or lose quickly!

As a side-note, she’s still in my go-to team for green titans and red-stacked war teams and such. I’ve been playing a tad over a year and have a relatively healthy 4* bench, and she’s still on the top of my list of favorite heroes!


I’ve only been playing for about 4 1/2 months. 100% F2P. She is my only red to make it to the 4th ascension so far. One of my 5 4* for my rainbow defense team (Skittles, Kiril, Cyprian, Li Xui and Scarlett). Not the best I know but we play with what the RNG gives us.


Attack path would give her very high tile damage, that would help in all stacking cases (titan, raid, war), even if she dies quick because of being squishy.


The +2% mana boost will do nothing for you, on its own. It will mean you can shave a tile off of Scarlett’s charge if you have a level 23 mana troop (you’d need a level 29 mana troop without the talent boost).


I have not taken the mana boost on any of the talent trees so far. Seems like a waste.

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I don’t think I’d do it unless you already have a mana troop in place or close. Otherwise it’s of no benefit to you for a possibly very very long time while you acquire and then level up the relevant mana troop. By which time there’s a reasonable chance you’ve moved on from that hero and your needs have changed anyway.


Great advice from @IvyData I suggest the same. By the time you get a level 23, 4* mana red troop, scarlett will likely not be holding the emblems anymore. I can only guess it would take about 2 years to get a mana troop there without pulling troops for feeders. I’m about 11 months in and averaging about level 16 troops.

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I really don’t see any benefit on the mana boost for Scarlett anyways, considering she’s already fast.

Any defense boosts she picks up the way are helping her, but focusing on defense longterm for her is not productive. Her defense is very low for any further boosts to really matter.

Focus on her strength imo which is attack.