Emblem challenges need changing

The emblem challenges are far too easy. So far I have breezed through every challenge with super weak teams. Some have even included bog standard heroes with no power ups at all. Currently they might as well just give us 10 emblems every few days. I can’t do the level 30 ones yet but I imagine they are just as easy. I would much rather enjoy a tough challenge to win these emblems. It costs 16 flags to do the first 2 levels and provides zero entertainment, another 20 for the final level. Make us earn the emblems at least!!!

Better try hardest stage before suggesting :wink:


Wish I could… a while more grinding before I get there though :slight_smile: but even if the last stage is harder the first 2 levels are ridiculously easy.

Not all are as gifted as you


Do you have such a well leveled choice for every class?

Due to the class restriction it is not as easy for all as for you :yum:

Make it challenging for yourself by only using 3* heroes and stop suggesting changing it for everyone else!


They are not. The first two levels are mostly a gimme, the final level is a real challenge. I think the overall balance is good to give everyone some emblems, but make people work for all of them. Many people will be unable to complete the last level, especially if they don’t have many heroes from certain classes.


Alternative suggestion - once a week include a 3800-4K power stage where you get a reset emblem.


I’m moving this to #ideas-feature-requests, so it has the option for voting, in case people want to vote in support of it.

My person “2 emblems” — I agree with these:


I agree they should have a 4th super hard one. The first three are simple. I rarely have to use any battle material and all my heroes are still full health.

I would live to try the third level before suggesting, but it was decided that only level 30 and above can do that. Therefore I am restricted to commenting on the levels I can play. On some of the challenges I can only just scrape together 5 heroes that qualify (some of which are 2*) and it’s still a walk in the park. I am happy to take the emblems but given that a large part of this game is farming easy levels constantly, it would be nice if these were more than that and provided some play value.

So to be more precise with your request, you’d like the first two stages of Class Trials to be more challenging — is that fair?

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Yep, sorry, I guess I should have highlighted that in the first place. I was making an assumption about the third level without a valid reason for that assumption


That’s the point of discussion, to refine our ideas. :slight_smile:

It’s a useful distinction in this case, I think, to avoid this devolving into a debate about the Level 30 requirement, since we’ve already had a few of those in other threads.

I think your observations about the play value of the first two stages — particularly while they’re the only ones available to you — are interesting and useful.

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I agree. Not everyone finds all stages of emblem challenges easy, because class restrictions can prohibit us from using our strong heroes; and sometimes the only heroes available are partially lvled up, or not lvled at all!

So it really depends on what heroes you are allowed use. I have very strong fighter and barbarian class heroes; but super weak ranger and paladin ones. I think the current system is very good already. Everyone can get something, and those who have elite heroes can get extra.

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I think the last stage is pretty balanced for people who don’t have full rosters yet and don’t spend a lot on summons for better heroes. The 4k TP recommendation seems off as I’ve finished them all (aside from the first because I wasn’t level 30 yet) with 2900 TP and below teams, it’s really requires strategy though. It’s a nice challenge for F2P and C2P players but at the same time not out of their reach and it should stay that way.


Xmas at 4000 was much harder, but you could bring every hero you want. I wasn’t able to beat xmas more than two stages above my actual tp. Now I’m happy to have the chance to get all emblems when I’m at lvl30 with a much weaker team than 4000. A 4th stage would be nice though…

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I disagree. The first two stages need to stay the way they are so that everyone has a shot at advancing. Especially considering how long it takes to max a hero with emblems. Newbies can scrape together a team to complete the first stage, months old players can do the first two, and 6 mo. + players can finish it. To me, that seems about right; the quests are fine as is. If you want challenging, come back to us once you reach level 30 and try the last stage for yourself; you may be pleasantly surprised.


Meanwhile, elsewhere on the forum

This just got posted in a new thread:

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You think too easy??
as @Ladyrowaan :joy:

Not everybody is at same stage as you are so be careful what you suggests. Should be a benefit for majority of palyers…not only high levels


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