Emblem balancing

Something has to give with emblems - they are too hard to come by. Reset emblems are too rare. 500 emblems to max a 4* is reasonable; 1500 to max a 5* is unreasonable.

I’ve started playing a new game and it gets harder and harder to come back to e&p each time. I might be going the same direction as some top players soon as well…

For anyone not paying attention - you need 45000 emblems to max a 5* war team (1500 x 30) which at the current drop rate is 9 years as it is projected to take 18 months to max a team of 5 and that is IF the averages allow it.



Yeah, the emblem function is, in my opinion, dumb and broken.


Not really IMO. A 4* effectively becomes a 5* for 500 emblems. A 5* becomes a god with 1500 emblems. Wouldn’t you want your opponent to have been grinding forever for that advantage?

WU, now useable for 12* titans, same with Wilbur, Jackal, Falcon, Kiril & BT. Or use to gain advantage for war and raids in a slow, progressive way.


I agree that they seem really hard to come by. I play this game about as often as I can and the most I’ve been able to gather from any emblem is 220 rogue and that’s only because I won 100 from the raid tournament. The rest are all less than 150. I want more darn it!

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You need only 20 emblems to fully talent a 1 :star: hero, you know :wink:


I disagree with this topic. Emblems are a lot of fun for me.


I’ll break the math down (again) later when i am in less of a foul mood and not tired but i have other posts proving sources of emblems and tracking them since release with the main take away being “hopeful as to what is to come from additional emblem sources” and it has come to pass and is disappointing/mediocre at best - 18 months to max five 5* heroes and that is IF your averages allow you to get a reasonable balance of emblems for each class…if that is ok with you then i have a bunch of games where the devs abuse their player base to recommend to you. “The main” source of emblems was to be raid challenges but between the lack of emblems for an extremely high price and the randomness of the raid challenge that is clearly not a tournament but a crapshoot - emblems need to change. I am not saying that they need to go and wete a bad idea; i am saying that something has to give - less to max a 5*, more reset emblems, and just more emblems from more sources period; it shouldnt take more than 6 months at most to max out a 5* (18 months is 75% of the time that the game has been out hopefully that helps to put it in perspective)

SG posted somewhere (i believe in the recent q and a)hat they didn’t want to make emblems too easy to get in the beginning as to not disbalance the game and will progressively add more ways to get emblems or get more emblems from the existing ways.


You’re not wrong - my post was one of the posts that received a developer response with that same “answer”. I am saying that the new sources are still not enough and taking 18 months to max five 5* heroes is abysmal, and that is if the averages hold.

I think the longer you play, the easier it is to accrue 4* AM. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve received 3.

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I haven’t seen the data that supports better odds at loot for playing longer. Im lvl 61 and farming 12* titans in King of the North and have been playing since the first month as well as tracking item drops for over a year - maybe it will come later.


I dont see any issues with the emblems personally. I’d prefer it stay at a slow steady pace rather than another race to the end game that will just leave us with a bunch more players sayin they have no further to progress since devs ramped up the game at their request but i know that’s also not a popular opinion and I’m good with that

So far I’ve accumulated(including the ones I’ve used):

177 sorcerer emblems
177 cleric emblems
191 wizard emblems
240 monk emblems
211 rogue emblems
186 fighter emblems
360 ranger emblems
180 paladin emblems
226 druid emblems
294 barbarian emblems

Total = 2,242 emblems

Which is perfectly acceptable to me in the given time since release :man_shrugging:


Its streaky no matter what level you are, but the longer you play the more you accumulate those 3 star mats…after a while you don’t even have to think about ascending 4 star heroes and do mat calacs for it. So it does get easier from that standpoint.


Is that excluding the 250 emblems gifted early on?

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Nope, that’s including every emblem I’ve recieved from every source since release


I’m at 1855. Did a quick reread of your previous thread on emblem count. About the same ratio/spread from then until now between us.


We haven’t yet gotten the raid tournaments into real production, and they are intended to be a significant source of emblems.

I would like to see more emblem drops, in particular I’d like to see 1 emblem added into each chest we’re getting now. Too many have zero, which is discouraging. Adding one emblem to the 3-4 chests/day would add about 1,000 emblems/year.

I’d also like to see reset emblems a bit less rare. I have yetbto get one dropped in loot.


I have not recieved a reset token in any loot either

And have only seen others get them in war chests

If that’s the only place players can get them, it could take forever

And yea i fill 5 chests per day so a minimum of 1 emblem per chest wouldnt hurt i guess


I really dispute this

( [Math] Tourney Prizes- Emblems and Ascension items [Analysis] )

I think they are intended to be an additional source, like the 1x ascension item roll for each Alliance War. But I do not see them being significant especially when 1* hero, and 5* hero, Tourneys are factored in ( because of the way the damage calculation scales and Gacha works ).

Either the Devs changed their minds, or like Alliance wars, they are intending to roll out a Tourney Chest ( I hope not, but the player base seems to be chest driven ).

I would like 5x Reset emblems added to Wanted Titan Mission Chest so players would average 5 per 115 hours.

Plus a way to craft them.

Actually I want resets to be free, and unlimited, but that is not the Devs Vision.


Sorcerer - 225
Cleric - 186
Wizard -147
Monk - 201
Rogue - 166
Fighter - 215
Ranger - 201
Paladin - 152
Druid - 198
Barbarian - 261

Total 1952 emblems. I fill a lot of chests. Recieved 1 reset token from a war chest. A little concerning my paladin and wizard are so low. Unless I completely missed an emblem quest, which to the best of my knowledge I have completed each quest each time. The raid tourney I’m sure will be improved. Guess I was a lucky one there and got top 1% and 100 barbarian emblems there. Idk feel like I’m way off your pace @Rigs thought in another thread we were close to even awhile back.


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