Embarrassing War Chest

I know this game is getting to be more and more of a grind but after two years of playing getting this war chest which takes weeks to complete is just ridiculous.

You have code in place so the Atlantis chest isn’t a disappointment so why not do that with chests that take longer to accomplish like Titan chest and war chest?


Same thing for me. And the troop token was a 3*. I feel that you should get a guarantied 3* ascension material.

War chest is embarrassing, War victory loot is disappointing and loose the war to get insulted with rewards. 36

It is guaranteed 3* ascension items. Battle manual and scabbard are ascension mats, farmable, but still ascension mats.

That is disappointing. :frowning_face:

War chests have traditionally given me the best loot in the game. My alliance has taken a temporary break from AWs to give our lower level participants time to level up their backup war teams. We were planning to opt back in soon, but if the loot for finishing a chest is going to be that bad, I might have to reconsider.

Frustrating enough when some of us have to stay up later than we normally would or set alarms to wake up at odd hours to use titan or war flags, but we always considered that to be part of the sacrifice “for the team” and “for the loot”. If the loot is going to be bad anyway, might as well just let everybody sleep in.


The drop rate really suck! SGs please do something :disappointed_relieved:

You should sleep in, I war and titán hit when I can. Don’t lose sleep over garbage rewards.


Have the same problem in the war reward or the Titan . I had the best score but the one who was lot worst got rings several times he always gets the best loot and he is only a medium player. I Got the most trophees Im in diamond and he is far from teaching diamond and he always gets the best loot in everything , i dont understand how they choose to give worst player better loot than the bedst players


It’s a catch up mechanism, I would say but it’s really just totally random which is fine at first but when you get to the higher levels I feel it’s dumb because there is no player loyalty reward. No one needs a 500th battle manual or a 500th tall boot in the higher levels. I think it’s just meant to be used in the alchemy lab which I’ve heard is garbage as well. I’ll see when I build it.

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Our last titan, I was A+ score. Got crap.

My alliance’s lowest level member, with the lowest titan hit score, scored a C and got fine gloves.


Maybe going forward I should try to not hit the titan so hard if I want better loot? :thinking:

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I haven’t noticed spectacular war results…ever. We war because we like to. We go to titans for good loot.


This 100 times over.

War loot and war chests have always been bad for me and titans are a much more predictable source of AMs


I’ve gotten some pretty amazing loot from war chests (not necessarily individual wars, for those a win = okay loot and a loss = terrible loot)… but the chests, once filled, have usually given me at least 2 unfarmable AMs and a boatload of other good things (gems, emblems, Atlantis coins, loot tickets). Compared to titans and titan chests, where I’m lucky if I get one 3* unfarmable in a week - assuming an average 6/7 kill rate, though oddly enough, I occasionally get decent loot from escaped titans…? :thinking:

Elemental chests used to give me great loot (usually 2 unfarmables + at least one ETT or EHT) but lately they’ve been underwhelming. War chests were actually my last best hope for good loot hauls. Even Mystic Visions which used to occasionally give me some nice surprises, have lately only been giving me stuff along the lines of 1 gem and 1 minor potion. I’ve been telling myself that I’m just getting bad personal RNG (and compared to reports from others in my alliance, it probably is mostly that)… I guess maybe my war chests have usually been better than most other players, possibly to make up for the fact that my other loot is usually so terrible? But that’s not how RNG is even supposed to work, it’s not really a “giveth, taketh away” system.

IDK… at this point I’m mostly just rambling. Trying to figure out what has gone wrong with my loot, if it’s just me, or the game itself, or maybe I’m just imagining that my loot used to be better (though based on some of my calculations, I have officially confirmed that I am not getting nearly as many unfarmable AMs as I got when I first started playing… probably just coincidence………or not?)

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My last one was a good one too :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping the next one will be slightly more exciting…


Just curious, but wouldn’t it be better to stay opted in and at least get the two points a week for two losses? I’m pretty sure I got a tabard one war from a loss. If nothing else, it will drop your alliance’s war score so you’ll have easier competition when you do get back into it :wink:


Yes, but you only get credit towards the chest if you participate. I want everyone in my group to get 100% participation credit when we do finally fill the chest again.

@Devina, the way I look at it is those lower level players in my alliance more than likely need those rare AM’s. The stronger your teammates get the better loot everyone gets. So I’m not upset when my alliance mate with the low leveled team scores in C level and gets those darts I really need. Can’t say I’m extremely happy, but I know they need them more than I do and this will help the entire alliance get better in the long run.


From today. Reset emblem made it amazing.


I had similar last week, except with Chainmails and two silver tokens. Worse than Titan chest really. Though elemental chest this week gave me two 4* AM, likely an excuse for that.

That’s pretty much what most of my war chests usually look like. Unfarmable AMs, gems, gold tokens, loot tickets, reset emblems, etc. War chest collection day was always a highlight for me, even if we lost the war itself (war chest at 24/25: guaranteed win regardless of the war outcome).

But damn. I’d be very disappointed if my chest looked like the OP’s. That’s basically a pile of garbage with a shiny EHT on top. Then you cash in that EHT and pull a Dawa? @#$%. @#$%ing @#$% @#$%. Rant rage rant. Uninstall game, throw phone. @#$%ing @#$%.