Elusive Rare Trade Tickets

Elusive Rare Trade Tickets for opening a path to trading but not rampant trading player2 player trading.
Trade Tickets are rare drops however low the Devs decide to set them.
Once the ticket is used by selecting a player account profile that you want to trade with and tap the added trade button if you have the Trade Ticket it will open a trade window. Most likely they would trade with an alliance member they know LOL.
After chatting and deciding what to trade by a chat app like LINE.
The player will put up what they are willing to trade and the trade can only completed after a double confirm buttons.
If trade is canceled the Trade Ticket will return to the Trade Ticket player/user.

Lets test it out on the next beta or the next next beta if SGG decide hey this is a good idea to prevent rampant trading and allow rare tradees.
And on the PLUS PLUS side everyone can stop asking for a trade system that annoys SGG
What do you say SGG let’s test some new features that if implemented could try to bring back players and make the game abit more appealing to draw in newer players.

Thats just jumping more then several steps at once, IMO.
Getting new heroes is the very core of this game, allowing trade (even if mildly) allow both part to obtain what they want immediately and without fail, something that several times we said is NOT what this game is conceived.
No need to say that big spenders are very advantaged from that as they have more chance of multiple “interesting” heroes to trade rather then C2P or F2P. (Would you trade for a double Gravemaker or a double Elena?)

On the other side i totally agree that more time this game last, more we need a use for the entire deck, copycat too. The 30/40 heroes finish line for upcoming wars is soon reached and outmached.

My proposal is rather then a trade market a hero fusion.
Something like fuse 2 heroes of the same color and get one different (same color). Fuse 3 and always only one hero, but more chanche to get the hero you miss (if the 3 heroes are different) and so on.
Of course it does not to be totally like this, but generally again something that give value to your spare heroes, affect only one player (not 2 like a trade) and give a chance of something you want.

Don’t want to cover the Regular/HotM/Event difficulty of this for now, just give a small path to eventually evolve.

GOOD POINTS but did say rare Trade Tickets that means they can set the droprates to 0.01% for all I care and if they decide. Lets hope they decide on something…

But they should also sell Trade Tickets, right?
Special offer 500% value!

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I can’t see this really happening, and I think it would skew the game balance. (And it would also open up for a black market; people selling a trade (as in you pay me outside of the game to do a trade with you in game)). Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to trade…

That said, there’s a trade that might be more in line with the game design, and to an extent relating to your suggestion - trading ascension materials. Then you could at least ascend a hero you actually have, but lack ascension materials for. Given you have some other ascension materials to trade. Make it 1:1 - one dart for one telescope, sprinkled with some gems for SG. :wink:

I’m moving this out of beta forums. It has nothing to do with beta testing.

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