Elradir Passive Talent?

Just had Elradir resist my shot from Zocc. Zocc does NOT block special skills he creates mindless attack. Does this make Elradir immune to Alfrike as well? This will effect my next ascension—was thinking Zeline but that might sway me to Elradir. When I pulled him I thought his passive was resistance against silence?

Elradir’s passive skill is resistance against blocking of Special Skills. So, I think both silence and mindless attack are considered “blocking” of special skills.

I ascended and fully leveled my Elradir. I only have +1 talent node on him so far, though - Wizard emblems are very much in demand in my roster (Alfrike, Faline, Lord Loki, Caitlin, Sartana, etc.).

Yes, he does resist Alfrike’s mindless attack :blush:


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