Elradir or Lady of the Lake?

Great advice again. Thanks :heart_eyes:

I dont seek any specific supplement, just leveling up new heroes with order which is most fun.

I used to be very strict about the order and my teams when I was a heavy hitter in Ancient Egypt (Horus’s alliance), but now at level 94 I just play for fun.

Tut -

Lady of the lake 100%
she is always fun and strong even on events

elradir is too situational and difficult to use his reflect well

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I have LOTL now in 4/59 and rising up. The more I’ve played with her, the more I love her. I will attack emblem her and make her offensive and most likely also limit break her up to 4/85.

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Here is mine levelled predominantly sword shield path


Thanks for the headsup. Stats are looking fine, I’ll use this as a guideline :blush::+1:

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