Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

True. I have taken down ridiculously strong teams with the right set team but also good boards.

I think Elradir can be great against BLUE TANK with COSTUMED AZLAR as flank.

Aside from the mana link that asks for mono or heavy green team, the other unique very good quality skill is that I believe he resists mindless attack ailment from Alfrike and likes.

In very fast tournament a team of heroes resisting mindless attack ailment special will be great.


Indeed, this is the main reason I wanted him and I was happy to get him. I don’t have any other Alfrike counters except Tettukh and Black Knight. And he hits hard and gains mana both for the team and for himself on ailments. The DoT reflect is just a cherry when a cake if it comes to that.

This being said, I understand that some players have other more useful heroes like Toxicandra for example. Then Elradir is not for them, but for us, who were not so lucky :slight_smile:


Indeed, however the sad thing is that 255% is not bad but is not 285% which was before the nerf.

May be SG believes that the ability to reflect DOT is too powerful.


I was thinking the same. At least you do not have to time too much.

Wait for him to charge, wait for DOT defender to be ready, wait for his special to reflect (meanwhile eat DOT with all others) before you can cleanse.

This way at least 4 out of 5 can be somewhat protected.

My condolences on the Jade sucking up your precious tonics.

This. Why nerf his attack? Glenda is average, buffs herself and neighbors with a nice SS boost, and deals 270% to three. Elradir’s DOT damage reflect is less useful than Glenda’s buff. Why is his damage less than Glenda’s? He should be AT LEAST 270% to three. I mean…is it the elemental link? Elradir’s is unquestionable better than the little minion Glenda drops, but still.


That is the problem.

Looks like HOTM are more accessible and since 4 star materials are not that common at least for FTP players we have to be very careful who gets them. On the other side a person can not wait forever for the right and very powerful hero to come along.

Considering that there are quite better heroes out there and all new season 4 heroes I will max Elradir after I get at least 12 tonics.

No need, I like her and find her situationally useful. It was a conscious decision to max her :wink:

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They probably considered other factors since he can generate mana really easy against the right team. He could easily be a fast splash hitter. Maybe they thought he’ll be too powerful?
But nerfing of the skill damage is still questionable, since 285% damage can really showcase his strengths outside of the reflect DOT

Test raiding for fun. Paired with Evelyn he is not horrible.

June 7, 2021 - YouTube

June 7, 2021 - YouTube

I was semi pulling for him and got Lord Loki instead. So I guess his tertiary abillity of summoning other heroes is pretty damn powerful…


I would loved to see the high amount of burn damage returned back to gravemaker and friends in the second video. That would be so satisfying

I don’t think you can play the hero trying to set up the reflect. If it happens it is just a bonus.

June 8, 2021 - YouTube

Another one, Gravemaker’s status ailment charges him.

June 8, 2021 - YouTube


See how he did ~640 dmg to all enemies in two turns just with Gravemaker’s burn alone.


Now imagine Gravemaker/Vela, or Gravemaker/Jabberwock, heck, even Bera’s moths are vanishing from it in couple turns. This guy here is no joke, though of course, he ain’t made for every match up.


Pulled him, first HOTM after Glenda.

Yeah, I think he is situational but useful against the bunch of DOT dealers, maybe he will substitute Brynhild in my green mono for a more aggressive lineup.

He could work well with C. Melendor to reflect DOT and when he can’t take anymore C. Caedmon will come to cleanse.

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That is the problem he generates mana from ailments and reflects DOT.

Reflecting DOT requires setting up. His special is only 3 turns. For slow DOT heroes with 6 turn special his special is too short, meanwhile the rest of the team takes the DOT.

For fast and very fast heroes he is too slow (average mana), may be can catch them on the second run. Anyway in order to take advantage of the DOT reflect he has to be hit by regular damage so there is DOT after that and he has to be ready to fire on the next turn or to have his special up already (which may reduce the duration of the reflecting).

If he already has ailment (say defense down) to help him charge and gets hit couple of times by regular parts of the specials he may not survive to start reflecting DOT.

If we think of DOT reflection as secondary bonus skill then primary will be 255% attack to three, which is a bit not enough.

Furthermore in order to increase survivability we should go health defense path with emblems but then his attack will not improve much. And his class is WIZARD (extra damage per enemy active buff), I think ROGUE (chance to dodge direct damage from specials) class would have been much better.


If you can play him with a whole bunch of Starfall Circus heroes the synergy would be ridiculous… They will usually self-cleanse after a round or 2 whilst Elradir is immune and throwing it back. You basically couldn’t lose to a DOT-heavy team.


Since i just received two Elradirs, and at first i was not much impressed by his special, i have a few questions for those who already have him or tested him.
The “reflects for 3 turns” how does exactly work? Is it just a “if the ailment lasts 4 or more turns, he reflects just for 3” or also a “even if the ailment lasts 2 turns, he extends the reflected damage to 3 turns”?
But more importantly, he has to fire before receiving any ailment to reflect it or reflects damage even when firing after receiving the ailment?
Damage from fiends is considered damage from ailments? I worry not.
Does he reflect damage from ailments derived from family bonuses or special stages’ conditions? (some s3 realm bonus or special stage, for example)

I may have some more doubts :thinking: All the questions leading to the main one: is it worth keeping two copies? I mean, if i use two Elradirs in my team and GM hits them both, will their reflection stack? Or could i lightheartedly feed one copy to HA10 to receive an almighty s1 5*? I usually keep at least one copy of each 5* i receive even if it’s a weak one (apart from Obakan. I dumped him ten seconds after receiving him…), but when it comes to dupes i always wonder. It’s a 5* and i don’t have any sort of abundance in that field.

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He reflects exactly the damage he would receive during those 3 turns he is active.
If the effect last two turns he only reflects two turns, if it last 6 turns he reflects 3 and after that when his effect ends you will receive 3 turns of dot like with every other hero.

Doesn’t matter, when he is active he reflects the damage he receives in those 3 turns.

No. Maybe there will be fiends who give you status effects in the future like there are now minions (bera)

It will, because you don’t reflect any status effects directly, you just reflect damage back.


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