Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Those that have Francine, he’ll pair nicely with her, throw in Kingston to speed up a 3-2 or a 4-1
If I get him, I’ll try a 4-1 set up

Evelyn Elradir Francine Kingston PiB

Most of my healers cleanse, so I’m thinking PiBs to pair his HoT with Evelyns link + his attack up. Wish he was at fast mana but that shouldn’t be a problem with his elemental stack with Kingston. he’s no Loki but alot easier to get being a HOTM :slightly_smiling_face:


Krampus after skill?


BK after skill also, and also Tyr and Atomos.


the original point was “what is mana good for if he is dead. Defense down and a couple fast sniper shots and he is dead with full mana.” of course those heroes can “survive” if they use their special skills, but the original point was “dead with full mana,” not after using their special skills.

in fact, though, that proves my point that Elradir can still be effective because he’s the same mana speed as Krampus and Black Knight, and if we’re talking about scenarios where Krampus and BK fire their specials, Elradir will get his chance to shine.


I do not understand,… in that scenarion if he (BK or Krampus or Elradir) cast special, then get hit with defense down and double sniper. I think Elradir does not have advantage, he is died, and only the element link left on his team (green heroes).

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Any warrior. Just revived (maybe twice). But my C.Sartana can soak 2 sniper shots after Frigg, then revive and strike back.

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Kunchen…especially when defence down is useless against him


The scenario was expliclity talking about the fact that he is average and would from d down and 2 snipes before he cast his special. In this regard he is no worse than Krampus or BK as they are also average and would die in the same scenario

This is simply not true for almost everyone. Yes “good” 5*s help, and give you a bigger breathing room, but you can get a consistently good result with less.

I use the following 4*s in most if not all of my wars:

  • C Rig (1 emblemed, 1 not)
  • C Melendor (1 emblemed, 1 not)
  • Proteus
  • Mist
  • Guillinbursiti
  • Lady Wool
  • C BT
  • C Sabina (1 emeblemed, 1 not)
  • C Kiril (2 emblemed)
  • Tiburkiss

I also use a 3/70 Alfrike

Most defenses faced at the top 100 alliance level are 4600 to 4800 tp level

If 4*s are good enough to go against full scale 5 star teams, then he is good enough also

Vs a tank then this is likely true - although many matches last through more than 1 round of heroes firing. Vs flanks, wings, and the new positions that have been created as part of some of the new formations it is often the opposite - RNG dependent, as with all things.

I do agree this is a gap, but someone like C Mel can fill that gap nicely. He is a quasi cleanser with his defense up and HOT. With him firing at the same time they would have great synergy


Just wanted to say how much I liked this post of yours. Especially the fact that I have found someone else that likes and uses Myztero!

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Got him today from couple valhalla coin pulls I got from the cheap offer.

Very happy to not miss him - having tested him in beta he was one of the HotMs I really wanted to get this year. After his direct damage was nerfed, he became an obvious niche against DoT defenses, but of all the heroes we got recently he’s a really good AND fun hero to cover that niche. Also pairs well with Evelyn against double formations.

Though many top defenses moved on from Gravemakers/Clarissas/Velas or even Jabberwocks, there are still some where those heroes are found. And who knows what the future brings. I’ll definitely max Elradir as soon as I get my tonics (Jade got the last set). Nothing better than see entire enemy team burning 250 hp per turn thanks to their own Gravemaker.


Yes, it is, but we actually change the scenario.

Here… I just response depend on what scenario it said. And I just want to make it clear.

But, that both scenario is not what I interest anyway.
Elradir is an okay hero.

Yes, you are right, the set ups do not require gymnastics. Just to survive long enough to be able to set it up. When you raid teams with power above 4300 time is very precious. In the range above 2500 cups if you go with 2 healers and Elradir you are not going to have enough power to take down the opposing team heroes.

Besides you just stated the problem with Elradir:

If you are not going to use him for what is one of his strengths and main purposes then why use him at all. Otherwise he could be an average (or may be better because of the mana gain on ailment) mana support hero for mono green team. And most of all like you said:

unfortunatelly aside from the mana link Elradir has no synergies with the rest of the team, which means you need a mono green team.

Generally, If the board is favorable almost anything goes. I understand the concept of mono teams but when the opposing team is quite strong even taking down the tank does not help much if you do not have constantly the right colour tiles on the board.

I do not have very fancy heroes and most of the time use a rainbow team:
4 snipers + 1 healer (fully emblemed):
Joon + Costume (Regular to have bigger miss chance)
Costumed Kiril (Costume for attack and defence down)
Lianna + Costume (Regular for most damage)

When the board is not favorable only speed, hard sniper hits (take enemy heroes before they can fire) or very very good synergy can save the battle.

Both Proteus and Gravel are great heroes. Gravel however is too weak for 5 star teams and also has to be able to fire early enough to have some use.

Proteus is more usable because becomes a distraction in a way. Against Proteus on defense you have to choose to take out enemy sniper or healer or Proteus first. So in a way if Proteus is the top priority to be attacked he gives more time the rest of the defense team to charge. Using Proteus in attack team is obviously good (if he survives long enough to fire) because Hel is a very good hero and Proteus is the 4 star one that matches the man block skill.

He should pair well with Domitia-C, she cleanses 3 so Elradir can be on his side doing his thing while she helps out on the other, you know “just in case”.

Did you have a favorite team in beta when testing him?

I’ve had some ideas occur to me based on my roster but would be delighted to hear your opinion in case you found a match I haven’t thought of.

My personal plan is to have him for a war team when facing DoT heavy defenses. Since many of my 5* ride the bench in war he won’t necessarily come out to play every time but if he nails a win every couple of weeks…all good.

If the enemy has a lot of affect-3 heroes then Elradir needs to be in a flank position but AoE ailment casters he can be on the edge which gives a lot of flexibility…


My raiding habits nowadays are very weird. I only play rainbow teams for standard raids. No premade teams, only choosing heroes specifically against particular defense. Not many people can relate to that. I play mono/4-1 on Wars and tournaments but they do not exist in beta, unless specifically tested (which did not happen when Elradir was around). So I am not sure if what I’m going to say has any value :stuck_out_tongue: But he pairs well with minion makers and defense buffers (special mention go Freya) since they give him and the team survivability without impacting his reflecting skills. Still need to have a good cleanser because assuming you are taking him against DoT heroes, you need to protect your other allies in case they are hit and Elradir is not. I am mostly using Ariel / Kunchen / Guardian Kong / Zimkitha for that role.

My war/tournament mono team is Heimdall - Mother North - Evelyn - Zeline - Liana. I plan to swap Elradir for Zeline and hunt for defenses oriented on DoT and not pure sniping. His mana link will help MN / Heimdall fire earlier in case I have trouble finding tiles; he pairs well with Evelyn’s elemental debuff. And I do not have a cleanser in that color, only double healing power with revival chance - so he can burn for as long as he wants while others cover his back.

IMHO you’ll mostly think about him considering who you are against, not who you are with. Wing is obvious against Jabberwock, flank on the opposite side of a cleanser for anything else.

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Thank you. Don’t the cleansers negate his reflect?

I suppose I can take him for a test drive and find out myself.

You are right, I put up a raid attack team and want to see it against all enemy heroes so no rerolls and no adjustments unless I lose twice, 3rd flag I allow myself adjustments (but am usually too stubborn to do it).
Love taking a 3-2 against a team the heavy stack is weak against…

They do, but:

  • he will not always be the one hit by DoT. If GM fires at heroes at the other side, there’s no point in maintaining the ailment - cleanse it
  • he will not always have his protection ready in time - if he is under the ailment but his reflection is not active - cleanse it
  • when timings overlap and his shield comes off but the ailment still has few turns to go - no point eating that up - cleanse it

You are going to take him against heavy-dot defenses so need to have a backup plan to deal with them in case he can’t charge or dies off too soon.


Got it, thank you. Plenty of ways to skin a cat.
I planned to do it slightly differently but when I saw your team construction thought that I may have missed something (would be great if he could cleanse it and still fire it back but then his name would be Myztero).

It is not about surviving. Any hero can be killed either by stacking and tiles or by defense down and sniper shots. The thing is that the hero needs to be scary enough to make you think who to take out first.
Sometimes you decide that certain hero is a pain and try to take him out first but by that time the rest of the defense team charge and the synergy is so good that they wipe your entire attack team.

And this is the problem with this hero and Reuben as well, they are not scary enough.

I do not even know why the SG nerfed his hit three from 285% to 255%.

He has decent tile attack, if 285% was kept then he could be OK for attack and mana link.

If his special goes off and there is DOT, good he reflects and does not take damage.

What if you have cleanser like Costumed Rigard or Vivica? Are going to wait for Elradir to reflect the damage and then heal and cleanse?

Elradit has to be made FAST mana or may be He can be made to resist DOT cleansing if his special is ON.

This in my opinion will give a bit more versatility to the hero and make him more team friendly.


But the problem is always the set up. This why he has to be made fast. To be able to charge and wait for the right moment or use him right away and get the benefit of the mana link.

Against Jabberwock will be hard to catch the first hit, may be Elradir can reflect the second one if you do not kill Jabberwock by that time.

With this team

Yes he is helping but the team itself is quite strong so anybody will be good. I actually think Lianna is better suited because you want to be able to finish the job and get rid of some of the defending heroes rather than have the chance to seriously damage them and still let them fire specials.

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