Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

it was asked, and i answered earlier in this thread. i’ll see if i can put a testing video up, but i have tested it a few times already, and the DOT reflect hits all enemies, even when Taunt is active. it is a fair question to ask if that’s intended.


I want out of this!! Every post is getting weirder. Pretty soon I’m going to be talking to a caterpillar with hookah.
Or maybe… I am the caterpillar!!
I don’t know what’s going on anymore

I said…

And then someone sucked me back in with a reply about
you …
you …
you …

And I felt it was extremely inverted, which pissed me off.

So look…
Here is how you calculate DoT:

I included the 1.2 defensive factor. Unless your in the top 100 it still applies
Is top 100?
Whatever I don’t care, nevermind.
The 1.2 will apply to 98% of you.

Which put JF at 270 and Vela at 110
But… those numbers
They uh… those numbers "amplify" for each dupe.

So yeah, good luck farming your tonics
And happy gaming


Lets call it multiply :slight_smile:

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I went back and refreshed my memory and yes taunt is bypassed. The thing that was lingering in my mind was BK’s just a scratch aspect of his taunt skill, which still applies.

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Can you show the detailed calculations?


162 × (1+ mana troop level 29 give how many attack bonus???) × 1.2 (defense team bonus?) ÷ 3 ???

As per @Zack’s link:

Dot/Turn factor = 0.41 x 871 ATK x (1+26% troops) / 2 turns x 1.2 defending team. = 270 damage/turn

0.284 x 773 x (1+26%) / 3 x 1.2 = 110 dmg/turn

Or 4 of them + 1 Myztero @Homaclese !

270 x 5 = 1,350
110 x 5 = 550
Each enemy takes 1,900 damage.
5 enemies (likely still all alive as both JF and Vela tanking and fast) is 9,500 damage in 1 turn to entire enemy team.

First response = “that’s no big deal”

I’m done.
If my calculation is off, I apologize
Good luck everyone
Have fun

Oh by the way @yelnats_24
You should check out the calculation for 4* Kelile to 5* Natalya. LB is easy to calculate into exact damages. Along with health reductions :wink:

The most I have been able to achieve with 3 reflect-type heroes is just over 1200/turn.

As an aside, how much damage output is there if you combine Wu, Athena (after max defense down), Frida, and 2 Bobos? In the scenario where none of the specials miss. Off the top of my head that is the most enanced configuration you can get for up-front damage.

This DoT factor was from orginal Vela before she was nerfed several times…

The post-nerf should be around 0.213 as the total DoT was reduced by 25%.

Lets check it with my Vela who has 177 total DoT with 840 attack and the Vela in your post who has 162 total DoT with 773 attack.

My Vela:
DoT per turn = (0.213 × 840) ÷ 3 = 59.64 》59
Total DoT = 59 × 3 = 177 (correct)

Vela in your post:
DoT per turn = (0.213 × 773) ÷ 3 = 54.883 》54
Total DoT = 54 × 3 = 162 (correct)

0.213 fit both Vela so it seems accurate.

Nb: rounding down is on DoT per turn.

So to best use Elradir’s reflect, do you fire Elradir’s special just before the opponent does? Or do you let the opponent hit you, then fire Elradir’s special? Sorry…it’s only now that I am starting to play with him. Thanks!

After the update I realized this is only 5% - this is a very small amount of mana. I thought all the time this would be 10%

Maybe 5%, too?

If you watched the video of how Alexandrine gets healed to max after a round of Bera minions, imagine the same happening with Elradir’s mana bar.

Only thing is when he fires he destroys the very minions that charge him… but still can be fun to try it around. In the end, Alexandrine’s weakness is she doesn’t do much to hurt the enemies after she charges, so her and Elradir could make a fun duo against Bera.


It’s not huge but it’s significant because elradir + lvl 11 mana troop is enough to charge in 9 tiles if he gets just one ailment

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There is also now a blue bear from circus who reflects green

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Yep. And he has a fun word to…
:roll_eyes: how does that play into the difference between status effect or ailment, this one is just effect lol
this game is coming unhinged

I wonder what an inclusive but still choppy reflect skill will do when it hits one that reflects… what?
Everything that’s green?
Wait… no I don’t

I’ve got a question here.

Elradir : The caster reflects 100% of the damage received from their status ailments…
Reuben : All allies get -50% reduction to damage received from status effects…

Does this mean if Reuben’s damage reduction is on, Elradir receives only 50% damage from status ailments, so he reflects only 50% damage eventually?

I’m searching for a right hero that Reuben makes some synergy. It’s not easy. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you know the answer, please share it here.

Elradir doesn’t recieve any damage from aliments if reflect is active. He might reflect 50% back though if Reuben buff is active. I think it will depend on casting order. So if Reuben casts first then Elradir will reflect 50%. Reuben casts after Elradir then reflect will be full. There can be some synergy i guess Reuben will at least help rest of team to get less damage while Elradir reflects can be tricky.

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i will need to test it, but i think the reflect would be reduced by 50%. as i understand it, reflect is done after damage is calculated, so the ailment damage should be calculated including Reuben’s buff. if ailment damage was going to be 200 that turn, Reuben’s buff reduces it by 50% to 100, so 100 damage gets reflected to all enemies.

again, i’ll need to test it though.

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Yes I was thinking the exact same thing. A couple of bites on elradir and you can get mana up fairly quickly. That plus his small gain for nature heroes also factors in. Then the bonus on top (against bera anyways) is reflecting the damage back to all heroes.

Mine isn’t fully leveled yet, at 4-14 but i’m having fun with him against bera so far. I might just run a 4-1 with Lexi to against bera minions lol


Thanks for your opinion.

I think you are right. Anyway when your test is done, let me know. Thanks.

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