Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Ok. Thanks for clearing up your reply that has nothing to do with anything, other than to drop more insults…
because you thought I said something I didn’t say.

Elradir is not OP…

Dropping the ailment status from his reflect allows a Dupe to apply multiple damages that originate from the same class of ailment.

I don’t see this saturating defenses.
So I don’t see that people will care.
But I also don’t think it’s right.
You can call me wrong for that!
Everyone else is. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s 2 beating a full team. Ones even a 4*


How demoralising is it for that person to see this attacking team in the raid preview

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Skadi got buffed :joy:

People couldn’t see her value:

Sometimes even the devs…
can miss something

That’s ok though.
No human is immune

Here, the card is working as it is written
Did they intend for dupes?

Does it really matter?
Absolutely! Especially if you have dropped 12 tonics! Looking at the MT will just cause people to change their defenses. Not the end of the world. yet

Not sure that justifies that this is ok either…

All of this because you’re afraid they might nerf an obscure combo of heroes one day?

Defending balance is about 90% of my time here. Very unrewarding…let me tell you

But I would say 90% of:

Is more a fun debate about definitions

I saw this and am confused here. I thought it was reflect meaning he had to be hit with say like GMs burn. To me, this looks kinda like a combo of Lady Loke or Myztero. Am I wrong here???

How does the yellow tiles deal so much damage? It looks like somethings wrong with the mechanics of the hero. Definitely great you figured this out but something is quite wrong when there isnt anything to reflect and it wipes out a team.

This is gonna get fixed. With reflect, doesnt the hero need to be hit with something to reflect it back???

This is correct. He receives an ailment.
And reflects only the damage.

To all enemies… which makes it confusing because that’s not how reflect works. But is how the card is written.

When I say “stack”. This means that a dupe is allowed to apply, or reflect, the damage from the same class of ailment, again… to all enemies!
Since they only reflect the damage.

While the origination of that damage doesn’t get to be applied a second time. Even from a second (or even third) burn dealer, It has rules to follow!

But Elradir’s skill blurs a lot of lines.

By taking 3 of them, and no one else, That increases the chances they all get hit. And then if 3 get burn damage, they can send back the damage without burn status. So it can hit 3 times instead of once.
Because, individual reflect
And… no ailment status, Just damage
To all enemies.

Meanwhile, taking no damage :yum:As they reflect it all!

Ok I see… I had to zoom in and slow it down there.
@jkdevore this is what your missing:

2 ailments. Burn and slow. The yellow tiles were empty :wink:

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He reflects the damage from whatever ailment he has on him during the time of the reflect shield.

In the video he had GM burn and Clarissa poision. Both got reflected from both Elradirs over 2 turns.

He doesn’t have to have the shield on first. He can be hit first, get the ailments, then from whatever turn you put on the shield it will make him immune to ailments (new and old) on him and reflect the damage from those ailments back at everyone at the same time. The shield will be active for 3 turns, which may be the same duration as the ailments, longer or shorter.

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Again… Correction:
He does NOT reflect any ailments!
Only damage…

The ailment status gets dropped from the reflect. This allows the damages to stack rather than …overwrite… like ailments normally do.

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Yep, corrected…



This seems more like Myztero with a time limit or Lady Loki

So, when he has his special on, he reflects but before then, he kinda does a lady loki thing but with the tile???

This is just really confusing to me

Think of him like a mirror with a number of facets. If I look into one of those three-sided mirrors you get on the larger style of antique dressing table, I’ll see three of me. Elradir reflects his ailment damage to anyone who looks into the mirror. It’s only one image/damage but it can be reflected multiple times.

p.s. I don’t know what you mean about the tile thing.

It was off-topic over there. But I still don’t understand your grief. Or your point.

No other hero ever broke any rules
Including… the original Telluria, and all versions thereafter.

Unlike this card, which does so, Twice!
Designed or not…

Some skills got carried away with how far they could stack something. Such as Athena. And those all got fixed.

eladir works just as it should be. it does not stack at all. slayers resist 50% by default, regenerate and so on… cry over that not on hero no one wishes…

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Uh yeah about that, I beg to differ. Theobald hitting two heroes even when taunt is up (which has been fixed btw)
And Cobalt being able to hit mitsuko when a blue shield is up is still the most illogical thing this game does to break its own rules.
And you’re here complaining about El breaking the rules? Just let the guy have his fun


Yes. And other things that ignore rules have also been fixed. I understand that

I agree you about Cobalt bypassing Mitsuko’s reflect, and don’t like that one either! Mitsuko’s reflect was a solid argument in the Cobalt nerf threads.

No one will be bypassing Elradir’s reflect, including the rangers that never targeted him to begin with.

If your going to drop 12 tonics for a pair twins, that by itself is what makes it actually rare. Not the defending teams. I can acknowledge that. And while the two reflects might send 2 damages from the same ailment. They are still taking up another slot. I can acknowledge that too. Elradir doesn’t stack. Elradir’s do!

But who cares is the new argument?

Actually, I opened with that! Nobody.

My point is taken well. Thanks @Tidyup
I can work with that and move along

It makes me think if El is really sending back an ailment or not. I actually think it’s an offensive buff instead of an ailment.
And El is not the first hero to do this type of damage stacking. Gullinbursti and russula have these types of attacking buffs as well. So if you’re saying El broke the rules, then the same goes to gullin and russ

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He isn’t. He just reflects the damage as long as he has an ailment that does DoT. The reason why you aren’t ever going to see a nerf is that you aren’t going to see him on the defense, so no one is going to complain about his ubiquity. While not useless on the defense, you simple dispel his reflect and he will retain the DoT status, causing him to take damage.