Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I didn’t know about this update until just now. I might randomly sprinkle in this team every now and then just for the fun of the reaction (which I would have to imagine, obviously)

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I don’t think I have faced corrosion, but I think it works as per DOTs. I have seen Skadi’s stack returned as pure damage in the same way, but relying on that is a risky game to play

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So if i only have one i can better choose for mr hatmaker?

El will still be better to support your green team with the elemental link. Don’t have hatter, but he’s fun and has a unique way to dispel enemy buffs.
Tough choice as I like them both

Yes though choise. I agree that the elemental link indeed Will give an edge over hatmaker.

Super cool war hit. Friggs last special triggered alfrikes poison realm bonus which fully charged up the 2 elradirs and sealed the win.

Wasn’t on my radar before but it’s an interesting way of generating that last bit of mana


So, what’s the consensus here? I am still slow leveling him, as well as a bunch of other heroes. Is Elradir worthy of the tonics? Vs 2nd Eve? Vs Lady Locke? Vs. Yunan with costume?

Yunan for rush wars

2nd Eve for war teams

@Ultra … I am in the same boat myself.
Elradir, Lady Locke, Bertila and Telluria all sat at 3/70 and not sure who should get the mats first.

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The special from 3 elradirs combined shall now be called nature’s nuclear payback



is hilarious :rofl:

i’m so glad i pulled two extra Elradirs. now where dem Tonics?!

Mine are at 4/80, 3/70 and 3/70. Workable, but obviously survivability is going to be your main issue.

And yes I play this team mainly because it still makes me laugh out loud

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Anie’s gonna be salty seeing three Els, two not even levelled up to the max destroying her entire team of properly groomed heroes in the team preview
And then she will come to this forum and start a new thread called ‘how is this possible?’


Not as salty as vovi LG and their 4.8k team…

That was funny.

Well now assuming boards are ok to activate. With the W formation, most teams would not survive a combo of 3x of the same hit-3 heroes especially the new ones.

Would be an interesting experiment… do you have 3 you could try with?

I doubt 3 elradirs could do it without the reflect even if they were maxed and emblemed rather than 4/80, 3/70 and 3/70.

Also one thing to keep in mind is the 3 hits of x3 are subject to accuracy and attack debuffs, and also defensive buffs, riposte, taunt, and different dodge types. The reflect damage will not be impacted by any of that apart from Sif’s half damage and BK’s just a scratch skill

Well that is just assuming boards are ok and and riposte or BK is not activated. I have 2x cMarj at +20 and +19. After firing both, most heroes are dead or hanging by a thread and I just fire QoH for the hit3 effect. It works out about the same.

But the new ones that 3 without the minor damage to the sides should be quite the monsters.

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My hopeful team with him, once done. Does anyone think he may pair well with Hatter?

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I actually like Elradir alot when paired with Evelyn and Brynhild. Yea there are many stronger combinations but Elradir and Brynhild fired together can recharge fast heroes with three ghosted tiles.

July 26, 2021 - YouTube


WOW that was AWESOME!!! I have 4 elradirs but now i want to take one to 480 and 2 to 370 too! hahah amazing!


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