Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I think the reflect will still be subjected to the flesh wound effect. So it’s still quite tricky to face against black knight

I just tested it. It is subject to Black Knight’s skill. First damage reflection hit for full amount. Second one hit for one damage.

Found one more cool thing about him - the timing of the reflect. The damage taken from reflect happens first thing the next turn, meaning that it can kill off opponents before they trigger their slash or special. Regular DOT damage happens at the end of the turn. This can in some scenarios be the difference between a win and a loss


Thanks for sharing @Homaclese! I always appreciate your study of cards and their specials. I’m also a fellow Noor fan

Though just a technicality, wouldn’t the reflect actually be taking place at the very end of your turn? Since that’s when DoT normally happens, that’s when it would be being reflected as well

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I think you are correct… but yes either way it is more effective than reflecting during the next turn’s DOT slot which would happen if you were returning the DOT through Myztero, Lady Loki or any other reflecty-type hero

what weakening effect does Elradir reflect? I don’t think I saw the effect of the Skittleskull’s decrease in attack being reflected by Elradir, nor did I see the other enemies burn when Elradir’s skill effect was still there.when Azlar do his special attack

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He reflects dot - burn, water, poison, sand. Plus some special ones like Morgan le fay and lady locke.

Doesn’t reflect other status ailments.

He won’t give the dot in the same form he gets it. For example he will still have the burn symbol (but takes no damage) while all enemies get the burn damage done at the end of the turn (but no burn symbol). Record it to convince yourself it works

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I think it’s like Mitsuko,when she reflect special efect blue hero,for example when Mirsuko attack by Lianna we will see all enemies defend will be down.and actually is not like that.

It doesn’t reflect ailments but just the damage from DOT effects

what does it mean when attacked by Azlar, the opponent does not feel the burning effect for several turns? is it only the first attack? I got Elradir late last month and just tested it today, after being full and having talent grid

Elradir doesn’t reflect the burn ailment but just the damage of the burn back to all enemies

Elradir reflects damage from status ailments.

  • Elradir fires and gets the DOT reflect buff. The buff MUST be active for Elradir to reflect the damage–it’s not an innate ability but a feature (buff) from Elradir’s special.
  • Azlar fires and inflicts burn on whole team, including Elradir. Elradir takes damage from the special attack itself.
  • match three
  • DOT procs and allies take 90 (or whatever the number is) burn damage
  • however, Elradir does NOT take 90 burn damage and instead makes each enemy hero take 90 damage because he reflect the burn damage back on all enemies.

lather, rinse, repeat for three turns. does that make sense?

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anyway I hope to see the effects of Elradir manifest on the enemy… and thanks for the explanation.

A quick video showing 2 types of dot being reflected . You should see something similar in your battles


Tried this for fun and got lucky on my first board


I’ve pulled 5 Elradirs and I was planning on using 4 of them with costume melendor, thanks for the vids :slight_smile:

How Elradir works with Skadi and corrosive aliments?

I have 6 tonics and i can choose between elradir and mr hatmaker.
Both not with a common playstyle and i tend to choose for elradir.

I would place him in my Green attack team mainly to counter vela.
Mr hatmaker would be more random used i think but elradir seems as a better improvement.

What do you think?

see @Homaclese video elradir works well if you have more than 1…

Imagine ninjatruntle just browsing along this thread and seeing his team obliterated by some cheesy strat… Once version 40 comes out and you can see the heroes used by the raider, JF teams gonna get incredibly salty

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