Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

The stack is awesome but you do need other heroes to keep them alive until they can cast, and you do need to get the timing right. But against the right team it’s kind of incredible watching everyone melt away in 2 turns

with your back against the wall…

Or when the tiles fall your way. I don’t even know what’s going on inside that green cloud, but it’s deadly


The beauty of elradir. The fact that he can pull off a feat like that in the first video and let alone being underlevelled. If this doesn’t convince you about the perks of this guy then I don’t what would. Add an extra 15% ailment reflect and this guy is almost perfect

I see two or more copies of Elradir work amazing but would you all max him if you only had one copy of him? Cause I only have one lol

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i maxed my one copy right away (and summoned two more halfway through the month), and i’ve no regrets. i don’t have Evelyn, but i do have Almur, and it’s amazing how the two of them melt double/ reverse double formations.


The focus shifts in that case.

2 or more Elradirs and the main part of the special is the reflect, and you win matches basically by reflecting strong DOT(s). 1 will not be able to win matches using the reflect, so then you use his elemental link and stack him with other greens and the reflect basically becomes a bonus. The suggestion of using Almur or Evelyn to buff his up-front hit is sound, and perhaps ocmbining him with other hit 3s like C Elkanen, and Frigg for the defense down. In a 3+ green stack I think he would work well and would be worth it, if the other greens complement each other

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First war scalp. Had some good luck and bad luck both. Happy to squeeze it out in a cleanse war 3.8x tp to 4.6x k tp matchup


Thank you so much for sharing all these videos. They made me change my mind about him. I shall now definitely level 2 (to 3/70 - mats :roll_eyes:) and throw in Almur +18 for my 6th war team. :pray:t3:


That plus 2 healers sounds like a good team config.

Just be careful going up against teams with snipers as a sniper can typically one-shot a 3/70 Elradir. You need to protect your Elradirs for however many turns it takes to get them to fire plus an extra 2-3 turns for them to kill off opponents with the reflect

Not to get too far off topic, but one combo that’s not TOO hard to get is costume Melendor and Guillinbursti. Overheal helps from the pig. Melendor helps with an HoT and D up. The pig is slightly harder to acquire, but still relatively attainable not knowing your exact situation. :+1:

Good luck out there!


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Typical the one HOTM I never got duplicates (lucky to get even one in the end ), is the hero you want to use dupes

Didn’t find a very suitable team to matchup in the last war - there were a couple of GM teams but also filled with heavy hitters that I didn’t have the confidence in facing with my 2 3/70 Elradirs.

I did however want to see how this team would run over time with one at 4/70 amd 2 at 3/70, and also to give an idea of how many rerolls are required if you want to raid against teams that have suitable DOT heroes. I ended up doing 13 consecutive raids with 11 (I think) wins, with one of those winnable if not for my overconfidence. I basically look for teams with a heavy DOT dealer like JF or GM or even C Azlar or Clarissa, with bonus points if Bera and/or Vela are there. The other criteria is the team ideally shouldn’t have too many heavy hitters as my 3/70 Elradir’s just can’t stand up to the punishment. Passive teams with Sifs, Krampuses, Beras/Freyas are ideal. The 5th member of my team I changed up depending on who I was facing - C Sabina if I needed a dispeller, C Kiril if I wanted a healer and defense up and Lord Loki if I could utilise a better hero on the defense to bolster my survivability

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is elradir good on titan?

The attack is just a bit above average. His reflect would work OK against the poison and fire titans bit the color is wrong for those. So I’d say he is not worth using vs titans

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Use him on queen harpy to deal back all the poison damage?

It’s possible but I wouldn’t think the amount of damage would justify it. Could be wrong though, haven’t tried

If done properly, that’s like what almost 10000k damage reflected

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For choosing a hero to prioritise, I ask myself, which hero will I use more often in a month of play?
An honest player answer has been very accurate so far & helped me avoid emotional bottlenecks that might have stalled my play.


  1. I levelled up FriGG, Kingston & Hatter before Evelyn, who I had got first. Having Almur was a big help. I have costume Lianna, MN, Bertila, Elradir @ 3.70 & without a doubt it will be Elradir getting the Tonics bcoz, of him doing many things, which is on the card. Need one tonic, so anytime soon !

  2. I levelled up LoLo, while Finley, Skadi, Miki, Krampus, Fenrir, 2nd Cobalt are waiting at 3/70. For simply the fun of playing, & use him daily, all the time for multiple roles he can play. Now Skadi is in line for the scopes as I have BK, so Krampus waits.

  3. Yang Mei got the rings last week, with LaLo, JF waiting at 3/70, bcoz, of the role she plays in a 3+ red stack.

  4. I got Devana & Odin on the same day & both are proceeding towards 3/70 together while I wait for 4 more darts. At this moment, I have a feeling to give those darts to Devana, while Odin would be a damn good pair in defence with FriGG… So am playing a bit, to see if I will use Odin or Devana more often in offence daily to decide !

There is no point emotionally levelling up a hero to later use for ONLY a few days in the month… is my strategy !


Been keeping an eye on your progress on this as I level up my own pair. Looks really impressive.

Have you noticed at all how the reflect is impacted by taunt or Black Knights fleshwound? Wondering if would still go to all or just the taunt hero, I am guessing Black Knight would be able to reduce the damage to 1 each time too.

Black Knight might still be able to reduce his own damage to 1, but Elradir’s DOT reflect “bypasses” Taunt to deal damage to all enemies.


I haven’t come across too many BKs, but my impression is taunt does nothing to the reflect. I will watch more closely next time to see if it gets reduced or flesh wound takes effect.

I am currently playing around with Alumr + 2 Elradirs. My thinking is I might use this team vs teams with no JFs (as Almur’s d down often gets flipped) and vs JF go with the original team of 3. It’s early days yet so verdict is still out on which is more effective (although 3 is certainly more fun).

My overall observations of the reflect mechanic is as follows:

  • Ignores taunt (to be confirmed if there is any impact at all)
  • Ignores any kind of enemy dodge
  • Ignores all typs of riposte/counter
  • Ignores all defense buffs apart from Sif’s half damage
  • Ignores your own blind
  • Ignores your own attack down

It can be dispelled however, so be mindful of that

This makes it super useful when going in against a team heavy with buffers plus a strong DOT, for example Krampus, Sif (although you definitely want to bring a dispeller with you), C Kad, JF + Bera or Freya or some other random

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