Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Yes but she can be in the middle behind 2 better defenders in advanced defense formation (Double), then you will have only middle line of tiles to hit her. Stacking works with much lower success in this case.
Especially when one of the front heroes is lets say RED (Mirjana) the other lets say BLUE (Richard).

Brynhild + Season one only heroes. Add costumes and / or emblems and it becomes pretty annoying.

Sniper Brynhild Sniper
Marijana (Gormek) Richard

Not saying is impossible to beat there is no such defense but there is a reason some heroes affect three. The advanced defense formation make these heroes quite more powerful.

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The buffs can not be dispelled (likes Melendor, Caedmon, Sabina and so on), but they can be overwritten.

That is why Mist is the best counter for Brynhild.

Healing is done so nothing can be done about it but Mist has -34 % Defense against special skills
and - 64 % Mana generation and is also FAST and makes enemies immune to buffs.

Try Proteus (4 star) or Hel (5 star) against Double or Reverse Double it will be even better.

No mana generation for 3 turns for the whole defense. Same with any other status ailment hit three hero.

And Gravemaker and Clarissa do miracles. All three Gormek, Grimm and Tiburtus are also very useful.

The question is to charge them fast enough and there is Brynhild biggest advantage, she is fast and defense team always chargers a bit faster than attacking team.

After Brynhild fires if you can not overwrite the buffs fast enough all other defense heroes will charge because of the mana gain buff and things usually go out of control.


Mist and Brynhild are somewhat opposite heroes

Mist and Brynhild are somewhat opposite heroes.

Mist vs Brynhild

  • attack vs heal
  • immune to buff vs immune to buff dispel
  • (-) 34% defense against special skills vs + 74% defense against special skills
  • (-) 64 % mana generation vs + 24% mana generation

Here is a very long battle against a few of the new circus heroes.

Long battle against a few Circus heroes - YouTube

I’m actually sad that I accidentally fed away my second elradir. I legit wanted a second one so they can support each other well on 3:70. This will haunt me for a long time


Homoclese, thank you very much for your explanation. I haven’t got Mysterio, but I have Lady Loki. I’ve been thinking along similar lines when I was considering how to make the best use of him. It’s always good to see one’s ideas confirmed by an experienced player.

Tidyup, lol, not quite as dramatic, but I fed my Hu Tao on 420 away. It’s all part of the gaming experience :wink:

Honestly I love mine… a lot of emblems are on Alfrike but I hope to put more on him soon!


@Guvnor : would you be able to ask the Devt team about this? Or forward it on to another moderator. Sorry, I cannot remember the other moderators. :laughing:

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Some recently active moderators for example: @Dudeious.Maximus, @littleKAF, @Rook

The full list including staff members can be seen here:



It does look a bit odd as…

I’ll put in mod chat.


Respectfully, it didn’t have to be that long. You just didn’t make the best matches.

tenor (30)


Been playing with mine at 3-70 to get a feel for him and I’m just not clicking with him tbh.

Now bear in mind I do love my Malicna so it’s been a strange one.

Firstly the hit 3 is decent but I’m still not sure what the point of reducing it from Malicna strength to 255%. I know I’m 3-70 so not seeing the full potential but for an average hero it feels weak. Malicna at 3-70 did seem to hit harder.

But the bit I really can’t get into is the Ailment damage reflection. I’ve not managed to do it yet. Either the GM or Clarissa already fired and it ended or they died before firing. But in over 10 matches I’ve not successfully done it. So it feels totally redundant as a special skill.

So then you end on the elemental link which is as good as it is on Malicna and is worthy of consideration for that.

But it’s that sat on an average hit 3 that’s really bugging me. Just feels like SGG totally missed a trick with this guy.

Happy to get some ideas on the best way to use him. I have the mats to ascend but the right now I think Bertila is winning the race.


As soon as I max lord loki I’ll start on mine (assuming I don’t get alfrikes final tabbard). I’m going to run him opposite flank to myztero against dot heavy teams as well as against alfrike where I will likely bring in lord loki and Emilio and malosi as well. Will report how he does…

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Yeah I don’t have those heroes so perhaps that’s my issue. Malicna slotted in beautifully to my purple mono team and it felt like a natural match. So far it’s not not lost in the purple tank era since I did it as it’s a great team to take on Freya/Bera tanks.

Which is what I hoped would happen in the green team but he’s not gelling with them as well as Malicna did for some reason.

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It works beautifully against DOT on 3 or in the full team.
Against JF, Gravemaker etc…
You will say to me… ok but he is average and they are fast and very fast.

Yeah, it is true. maybe (with an average board, let’s not speak about lucky or unlucky) you will miss the first turn of reflection but as soon as he will get the ailment he will autocharge to be ready to get off. Honestly I manage to do that quite often and he works well.

His best teammates should be Brynhild and Evelyn, the first one makes with Elradir an amazing combo to keep the team always charged, the second has a spirit link which can help the team to survive and she debuff the enemies for the following Elradir’s shot.

My mono green at the moment is this one:


As I develop my teams to do some mono or 4-1 combos,
the latest batch of HOTMs giving little mana boost have been good additions to take along as I am playing them at 3/70.

Got 3 & missed Malicna.
I am happy with Frosth, YangM & still got to test out Elradir a bit more to understand how his special works.

Holding the EHT pulls till 1st July to get Devana & complete the mana boosters set in my roster.


I think my issue is my purple had 2 V.Fast, 1 Fast and then an average and a Slow. I liked it and it worked well but Malicna was able to very ably replace the slow and that’s an improved team.

My mono green is 4 fast hero’s and a Slow healer. I can’t see how Elradir fits into this. Bertilla because V.Fast wars make her a killer I can see. But Elradir isn’t that kind of hero.

So I think it’s a case of maybe he’s a round peg in a square hole for me…

Ignore the troops…I was messing around with Elradir and didn’t put them back in right places…


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