Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Gregorian has not aged well since his release and I think Zocc may be better of those two so I’d consider Zocc and Elradir for your next set… but open to anyone who thinks Gregorian is worth more consideration than I realize since I don’t have him amd rarely see him anywhere.

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Curious to hear anyone’s thoughts on Elradir’s potential in a double format defense team with Sif as tank… lots of reflect… might it make Elradir worthy of being on defense team?

My best green is still Telly so I’m eager to get away from that nerfed freak if possible. Currently running Seshat, Telly, Sif, BK, and Magni but sometimes change up to Seshat, Telly, Sif, Garnet and Vela.

Note: I also have Onatel but enough emblems to still almost max out Elradir so they can be on same defense team… if I strip them Glenda that is.

I don’t know if he would work well on defense. His attack is pretty weak without using Evelyn first.

I actually stumbled upon a defense using Elradir.

Elradir on defense - YouTube

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I tried Margaret in my defense team with double format so they ALL got her dodge buff… was underwhelmed by the results. She still seems mediocre.

Just from his elemental link alone I say Elradir because I immensely enjoy Frosth boosting the speed of my mono blue team with that same type of elemental link.

Both seem limited in defense in their own way but Elradir is that much more useful in offense so overall I think Elradir wins out between the two.

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The thing with margaret is the susceptibility to tile damage her def is just real low. With regards to Elradir in def I dont see it even in double with Sif.

I see him more in attack against a Dot/ailment heavy team.

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I have tried Elradir in last Rush war against defense with GM and Yunan. He was far from being maxed (3/16) but worked very well. I forgot to use his special before GM and Yunan fired but surprisingly he reflected DoT even after already being affected by GM and Yunan’s DoT for 1 turn. It was game over for defending team. He is situational but really usable and I liked what I have seen. I am seriously thinking of maxing him despite other heavy candidates in green.


i used him in both recent rush wars, and mine is maxed +7. he was my primary source of offense on both attack teams i brought him on, and he took the opponents out. i forget what team i brought him on during the weekend war, but this past war, i took him with Almur, and the two of them together just laid waste to the opposition.

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Thx helpful . Will change line up position to higher status in maxing heroes

Next question, can we consider him as the awnser against Bera tanks ?

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Not sure about vs Bera as the main problem I see with bera is the constant application of the minion dot and whilst fires back what goes on him it would still be eating away at the rest of the team.

I am intrigued by the idea of using him against jabberwock though…

Tried and he works. But consider that I use him with Brynhild and in a green mono. Honestly what I love so much about him is the spirit link, Brynhild plus him is almost as having the whole team (if average/fast) always charged.

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Tried, against Jabber you forces him to work because obviously you put him on flanks. He works, what you need is to have a good healer (2 is better) to keep the team alive.

The last 2 posts gave me some other good ideas

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Let me know what you are going to try and the results, mate. Maybe your ideas are better than mine.

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Would u level him or atomos first?
Mostly for offense

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OK but to replace fast healer and mana booster with average hero. Better replace C Melendor with Elradir.

Brynhild will heal (only three but should be enough) and there is mana boost, Elradir will charge faster providing mana link for even faster charge and C Caedmon will clean, meanwhile Brynhild will be ready again.

Brynhild also has defence against special skills and resist dispel while C Melendor is easily countered by almost anything.

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I understand your point and it has value but mine is… I want the full team healed.

Simply my mono green will change (not comfortable) with the opponent.

My option, your option or the last option, no Elradir and Caedmon and Melendor in the team. I am raiding a lot in order to understand how to use him in the best way.

At the moment I have C. Caedmon on the bench.

That is the main problem.

There is no best way. As he is right now he is not very team friendly, aside from the mana link but he is average speed which is a bit slow.

So he and most likely the rest of the team will need to get ailments before he can gain mana to fire and have the mana link active. In which case you may need to chose to fire immediately and get the mana link or wait and hope for DOT reflection.

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And this is for attack formation.

On defense, however if you have access to the different defense formations from the hero academy.

Double or Reverse Double make heroes that buff 3 allies really powerful because when you place them in the center they effectively bull all allies, because everyone is nearby.

To be honest I am quite scared from Brynhild on defense in the center of Double or Reverse Double formation.

I know I can counter it with Myst because the downside of these formations are that attacking heroes that affect three spread to everyone if you target the defrense center.

But both Myst and Brynhild are fast and if I do not get enough yellow tiles to stop the defense against specials and mana gain from Brynhild in time usually my Myst is dead before I can use her.

The point of stacking is to open a hole in the defense as quickly as possible to start ghosting tiles, the downside is that some colours are lost due to no hero in team.

In Double (Reverse Double) even if one the front heroes (middle one for Revese Double) is killed there is no hole so no ghosting.

even at max defense, Brynhild is squishy. it’d be a lot easier just to stack fire against her or bring snipers–Rogue evades be durned. even in double, sometimes, it’s just easier to take out the front heroes.

something i noticed but will need to test further: immunity to buff dispels doesn’t mean that the buffs can’t be debuffed. iirc, i fired Mist into a Brynhild team, and the Special Skill defense up became a Special Skill defense down.

either way, Elradir is amazing against double/ reverse double.

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