Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

He reflects exactly the damage he would receive during those 3 turns he is active.
If the effect last two turns he only reflects two turns, if it last 6 turns he reflects 3 and after that when his effect ends you will receive 3 turns of dot like with every other hero.

Doesn’t matter, when he is active he reflects the damage he receives in those 3 turns.

No. Maybe there will be fiends who give you status effects in the future like there are now minions (bera)

It will, because you don’t reflect any status effects directly, you just reflect damage back.


I don’t see any reason why the burns wouldn’t “stack.”
Logic being: the reflection isn’t a direct effect on GM’s card, its reflected from Elradir’s.

As for maxing (or at least Elradir to 3^70…), that depends on your roster, options, and 4* mats. IMO, not many 5* dupes are worth fully ascending, mainly due to limited access to 4* mat


So the idea of double Elradir wings being Jabberwock team killers is for real? just curious, i only have one though, not two. :laughing: :man_shrugging:


Well, partially. Jabber will still rip you a new one with the direct damage. His undispellable poison would be doubly reflected back to the entire opponents team though. Would work decently…but not sure worth ascending two for a dragon who doesn’t show up much anymore in defenses.


And lets not forget Baldur with 1000hp boost :slight_smile:

Well, any hero with 1000hp boost?

This is correct. Besides there in nothing to stack. It is not like attack up, DOT or defense down. It is just reflected damage. The reflect is like normal attack except it is triggered by DOT. If 2 Elradirs are hit, one will reflect to all enemies first then the other will reflect to all enemies.

Lets not forget that the special of both Elradirs on the wings need to be active to reflect Jabber poison DOT back. This is quite hard to time versus fast and very fast enemies with short DOT duration.

By the time everything is set up and going one of the Elradirs or both may not be alive to cast and reflect DOT.

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As it relates to status ailments, turn order works like this:

  • player can fire specials if heroes have full mana
  • player makes board move
  • active status ailments on player’s heroes do damage
  • opponent specials fire left to right if full mana
  • opponent slash attacks
  • active status ailments on opponents do damage

Based on that turn order, opponents can inflict status ailments on you, but if Elradir is ready to fire when he’s afflicted with a DOT status ailment, you can cast it and Elradir will reflect the damage immediately. If you’re a turn or two late but Elradir is still afflicted when you fire his special, you can still reflect the DOT if there are still turns remaining on any DOT.

Tangentially, in War Equalizer, the equalizer activates after ailments damage the player’s heroes and before opponent specials fire. use your own judgment on this consideration, but if you’re afflicted with a DOT ailment, you can fire Elradir immediately and reflect that damage back before the equalizer activates.

As many said he substitutes the cleanser at the end. He will substitute my C. Ceadmon in my green mono (earlier I thought to switch Brynhild).
He will take the spot close to Brynhild to get the mana boost. I would to try if with Brynhild+the green mono and his spirit link I can more or less keep all the team with specials charged.
I will let you know

if this hasn’t been answered yet, yes, Elradir’s reflect damages all enemies even when Taunt is active.

After attempting to use this guy a lot at 3/70 I’ve determined he is terrible. He has a weak hit-3 % compared to other similar heros. His DOT reflect has to be timed just right. You have to get hit by the ailment. Your teammates will likely have to endure the ailment because you can’t cleanse it away and still reflect. The only real viable use for him is to play him with a slow green like MN or Heimdall and have his elemental link boost their mana speed…but that’s such a weak role. I will NOT be spending tonics and tome/blade on this guy.

I have been raiding a lot with this team and having success.

He is not flashy but he is very usable with Evelyn. Once you fire Brynhild and Elradir you can recharge Evelyn and Brynhild with 3 ghosted tiles. Elradir will charge with his next mana tick. He is a decent hero.


Yeah, he could play well with Evelyn like Elkanen does as a weaker hit-3…but I do not have Evelyn unfortunately. I do have Almur and Brinhild however. Hmmm, I’ll play with that combo a bit and see if he elevates. Do you get much “bang” out of the DOT reflect or is it just useful once in a while?

i’ve used him with Almur and had great results, especially against double and reverse double formations.

i’ve gotten decent mileage out of the DOT reflect, about the same utility as Myztero’s cast back ability. i’ve actually finished off Marjana because she sniped him as he was reflecting burn damage, and in another bit of raid hilarity, Zocc fired on him. he resists Mindless Attack, so Zocc did a little bit of damage and gave him free mana haha.

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The dot reflect is great when it happens, but you just have to take it when it shows up. It is hard to setup and you really need a cleanser in case he is not targeted.

Yeah, this is my main issue with him exactly. I guess paired with Almur/Eve he could be decent like you said.

Does anybody know if Elradir hit harder than Elkanen? I am thinking in swapping them just for the mana link…

Just pulled him in Underwild. With 15 tonics in store, he’s getting leveled (unless I pull Tarlak or someone else better) soon (finishing 4* Morlock Tettuth or whatever it is).

If you would have him and Margaret. Who would you max, regardless what you have on the bench and why

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