Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I’m too snarky

Which reminds me. You should lay off the word net! You said it so much tonight, I wonder if Salmon Loki will be netted in your portal now

Still not maxed him, because I had some others first to max. Have you already started with him?

I’m a F2P player, and I got Elradir back in June. Because of my thin selection of heroes in green 5*, I fully ascended him and put talents points on him. My issue right now is Limit Break. I’ve had enough green LB supplies to do one green 5* for the last couple of months now… but my two best green 5*'s are Telluria and Elradir. The rest are mediocre 1st season heroes. If I wait for a newer, higher rated hero, to drop… well, with the frequency I actually summon, I could be waiting another 6+ months or more. Would any of you LB Elradir or Telluria? It seems like such a waste to sit on these LB supplies for months and months more…

I would LB Telurria in your position. Solid offensive healer on attack in defense, she can be a liability to Skadi on defense, but not everyone has him and if you have Jean Francouis red, you can pair them together.

He increases heavily defense vs blue, so minions stands better chance in surviving Skadi + they are from same family 2020, so elemental link will jump on other heroes as well.

I’d break Telluria or even Kadilen. If Elradir ever gets a buff he could be a candidate but he’s so so nowadays. If the 2021 family link really is that great critical % he can maybe gets at least a bit more usable.

I thought of some additions to Elradir’s skill to buff him. I really think he needs a buff… check my suggestions.

Nah, he does a lot already

Lol you’re such an El purist

He does a lot but he does almost nothing in every aspect plus got his mana boost nerfed…


Can Elredir get a buff please ? Maybe reflect minion attacks ?

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Reflect fiend damage would be nice

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I believe he isn’t a bad hero, he is just wrongly timed. He would be awesome, when Vela & Gravemaker were everywhere in defenses.

Nowadays, the meta shifted far and away from DoT. If the DoT heavy teams start to reappear in the defs, he may have his glory days as Grimble have with minions.

Maybe one way to buff him would be to add some percentage of the reflect, e.g. 115 or 125% as with other effects. Then, the DoT on him will be really punishing.

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Sorry, suuuuper late to this party, but I think you’ve got an extra x5 in here. Your 9500 damage calc seems to assume that Elradir reflects the DOT his entire team receives, when in fact he only reflects his own.

So Elradir reflects his own JF 270 and JF 110 to the entire opposing team (270 +110) x5 = 1900. There’s no additional x5 to get to 9500.

How many on opposing team?
1 enemy?
Or 5…

Five, but isn’t that what you’re accounted for with the first x5 to get to 1900? Or what is that factor meant to represent?

It represents a scenario acknowledged to be ridiculous:

Or 4 El Radir and 1 Myztero

It is a demonstration of stacking ailment damage. The real factor is stacking x2 on the end. Or x3 if you also add Myztero.

No other reflect behaves this way with ailment damage. No other anything regarding ailments.
But they are also not written in a way which drops the status

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Ah, thank you! Clearly I needed to read a little more closely :slight_smile:

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There are a few newer heroes with DOT:

Rayne - she is awesome for Myz/Elradir
Exceera (if she will ever be found in defenses - I doubt it, without a buff. I have so far encountered exactly 1)
Mr Pengi
Dark Lord

In addition these are older heroes that are still pretty regularly found in defenses
Others that aren’t coming to my mind now

It is not a huge list, but against some teams he will be super useful. On others he will be useful (hit 3, mana up from ailment, mana up other greens).

I would love to see more DOT heroes come out in the near future


I agree he’s bad timed but he’s also bad. Weak. Unneeded.

Trash unnoticeable damage plus a situational - almost useless - to only himself. That doesn’t last enough turns. :rofl:

I got him and rushed to max him and that was the last time I’ve touched him.

On the one hand we complain about decent heroes saying how weak they are. On the other hand we wonder why there is power creep