Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I’ve got a question here.

Elradir : The caster reflects 100% of the damage received from their status ailments…
Reuben : All allies get -50% reduction to damage received from status effects…

Does this mean if Reuben’s damage reduction is on, Elradir receives only 50% damage from status ailments, so he reflects only 50% damage eventually?

I’m searching for a right hero that Reuben makes some synergy. It’s not easy. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you know the answer, please share it here.

Elradir doesn’t recieve any damage from aliments if reflect is active. He might reflect 50% back though if Reuben buff is active. I think it will depend on casting order. So if Reuben casts first then Elradir will reflect 50%. Reuben casts after Elradir then reflect will be full. There can be some synergy i guess Reuben will at least help rest of team to get less damage while Elradir reflects can be tricky.

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i will need to test it, but i think the reflect would be reduced by 50%. as i understand it, reflect is done after damage is calculated, so the ailment damage should be calculated including Reuben’s buff. if ailment damage was going to be 200 that turn, Reuben’s buff reduces it by 50% to 100, so 100 damage gets reflected to all enemies.

again, i’ll need to test it though.

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Yes I was thinking the exact same thing. A couple of bites on elradir and you can get mana up fairly quickly. That plus his small gain for nature heroes also factors in. Then the bonus on top (against bera anyways) is reflecting the damage back to all heroes.

Mine isn’t fully leveled yet, at 4-14 but i’m having fun with him against bera so far. I might just run a 4-1 with Lexi to against bera minions lol


Thanks for your opinion.

I think you are right. Anyway when your test is done, let me know. Thanks.

Elradir Natures payback FTW

Watch the video and see Elradir kill off krampus w his DOT reflect back and then watch the reflect back for JF and Dot doing 319 total damage (85 poison and 234 burn) and that’s how a 3866 team beat a 4729 lol

i am incorrect.

1.1 Reuben (lol) along with a +12 Elradir vs. Bera. moth minions inflicted 86 poison damage per turn. it did not matter in which order i fired Reuben and Elradir (i made sure to do it once with Elradir firing first and once with Reuben firing first).

allies took 15% less ailment damage (73), but Elradir reflected the full 86 damage to all enemies despite having Reuben’s buff.

so there MAY be synergy there.


I don’t have reuben but that’s pretty cool! I’m really enjoying my Elradir. Can’t wait to finish maxing him. Probably won’t get emblems, but definitely serviceable!

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Wow. It’s great to see they can make some synergy together. Thank you for your test and detailed explanation.

Sorry to barge in like that, don’t know if this has been discussed before or not, couldn’t find it with a quick search because apparently “Elradir” and “stack” have been used quite frequently… :sweat_smile:
Just noticed in the tourney that Elradir also reflects the ice dmg from Skadi’s stacks… Not sure if that makes sense as per his skill description?

it’s been brought up since it was first discovered a few months ago, but so far, it has gone unaddressed in terms of being determined intended or a bug or being patched.

whether it’s intended or not is still up in the air because of how differently the game treats stacks vs. status ailments, yet it has this behavior with Elradir.

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Cool, thanks for the summary. Noticed a similar issue regarding the distinction between stack and ailment in the recent omega quest, Skadi couldn’t apply her stacks even though it said they are immune to ailments. I have to check that again though.

Rather than derail yet another thread…
We can talk here where it’s appropriate.

I get that you feel threatened for a hero you love. This is the point on the other thread. Not about El Radir, but about how no matter what… when it comes to balance… someone will fight with you!


If you argue…

For a Buff.!!

For the record…
I hate Rush as well… and would have preferred that they made the slow heroes worthy of their speed, rather than create a broken mode that eliminated speed altogether. Which there again… some people love that too…

Also… I don’t think he should be nerfed.
I just believe the word stack applies here
And could be remedied with out destroying the Hotm by himself. He would still pair well with Myztero to create the same effect.

And for the word… stack…
Or amplify or multiply or whatever…

You have your definition
I have mine
And You’re still Right…!
Because so does SG
and that’s how the card reads.

I don’t like it. You do!
And so does everyone else!
Beyond that, is just more circles

Can I be a monster over here where it’s not off-topic?
It is almost Halloween after all

I showed all the math.
Its still up there, It’s the reflected damage from 2 heroes.
Vela and JF that…
…amplifies 5 times

Oh… ok

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Ah, I get it now! We didn’t have any logical explanation for the recent nerfs, but itt all makes sense! Elradir and the other 4 HOTMs were nerfed because of your anti multi Elradir crusade!

Congratulations, you have managed to restore balance to the game :slight_smile:

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EL is going to haunt your E&P dreams for a really long time, he is your Frankenstein’s monster

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Interesting theory.

Continuing the discussion from Version 42 Release Notes & Status:

If I had to guess, I’d say that the family bonus and upcoming ability to share to all allies likely had something to do with that.

That nerf changes nothing for the dupe’s ability to uh…
amplify the skill

So I shan’t be taking credit

Well no it doesn’t, but the net is negative, right? So they maintained his multi Elradir amplification skill which is titan-killing but applicable once in a blue moon whilst nerfing his elemental link which will have a smallish impact each day, every day. Sounds like a net win for balance!

Don’t be coy!

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I’m too snarky

Which reminds me. You should lay off the word net! You said it so much tonight, I wonder if Salmon Loki will be netted in your portal now

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