Elradir – 5* Nature/ Green - June 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

He isn’t. He just reflects the damage as long as he has an ailment that does DoT. The reason why you aren’t ever going to see a nerf is that you aren’t going to see him on the defense, so no one is going to complain about his ubiquity. While not useless on the defense, you simple dispel his reflect and he will retain the DoT status, causing him to take damage.


Without cutting through all the childish nonsense posts… is it intended that Elradir throws back damage from from Skadis Frost STACKS?

I guarantee it can’t be intended. Stack is different from status ailment.

the WHOLE POINT of special skills is to change the rules of the game. that’s why they’re “special” skills.

you can only gain mana when you match on-color tiles? Alberich and Toxicandra will give you free mana, even if you match junk tiles.

you take damage from special skills? Ursena says otherwise if you’re a yellow hero.

your attacks are supposed to hit? blind status ailments might have something to say about that.

you’re supposed to take DOT damage from status ailments? Elradir’s special makes him not take it (but affected allies still will) and instead reflects that damage back to all enemies.


you refuse to accept that SG designed a card with this skill, and a player has posted videos showing how using multiples of this card amplifies the effect to comical absurdity. that it is comically absurd is still within the rules. each Elradir card is its own caster, so each Elradir card is capable of reflecting DOT damage to all enemies. five Elradirs are capable of reflecting back Vela, JF, Yunan, and Cheshire Cat, each one in succession, reflecting the DOT from each ailment.

you persist in misunderstanding how “stack” and “reflect” work in this game. your own imposition of the definition of “stack” doesn’t change the fact that using multiple Elradirs doesn’t mean they “stack” the effects. it would be like saying two snipers hitting the same target “stack” the damage on that target. it’s nothing more than word salad in the context of this game.

this is nonsensical. Pierce: “chance to bypass defensive buffs when attacking.” if you want them to clarify that to mean “when dealing direct/ active/ non-passive damage,” then fine, but there’s no reason the Ranger class talent should proc on DOT damage. there is no “attack” when ailment damage is dealt.

it’s an issue that’s been brought up multiple times since it was first discovered, but so far, nothing has been done or spoken of to address it, as far as i know.



We disagree about definitions. You may refuse and persist in that. That’s fine.

I believe that if 2 Vela both cast Aquatic Outbreak on 2 Mitsuko’s that both have Mirror of Flames active. At the end of that round, both Vela will receive damage from 1 ailment.
the other enemies will not…

I further believe that if 1 Elradir is hit with Burn ailment. And a 2nd Elradir is hit with Poison, then they both get to reflect that damage and have no beef from me!

I even further believe…!
That if 2 Elradir are both hit with the same burn damage from one enemy GM. This means that both Elradir get to reflect that same ailment damage, twice…
To The Entire Enemy Team…! With the extra damage to nature attached!
While they take 0 damage,
That’s exactly how the card is written…

I can read…

I just don’t agree that this:

Should be ok… and find myself wondering if there is another word for "amplifies" that would also work in that sentence…?

I won’t continue fighting about definitions. And don’t care if you drop 24 tonics and take 4 of them. So you can…not…stack the ailment damage.
Whatever floats your boat

👈 9,500 damage - 1 turn - def don't matter

if you ridiculously decide to bring 5 Elradir’s against:

JF will reflect 1,350 dmg/turn/enemy
Vela will reflect 550 dmg/turn/enemy
Easy enough to have both fire, they’re in front!
That’s 1,900 damage to each enemy.
9,500 damage to the entire enemy team
In one round. While Elradir’s take no damage at all.

I just said I won’t continue fighting about definitions so yeah… that’s not stacking ailment damage. :wink:
It would be hilarious to watch on a video while also interesting to see in a WT and very likely to never…happen…
And something that will be very difficult for me to say is “ok”, despite the possibility.

@yelnats_24 did I miss something with the calculation? :pray: ooh, I didn’t drop the decimal from Vela! Fixed it :yum:

4 Elradir’s plus 1 Myztero will also do this! :wink:

I feel like everyone lately is being too passionate about the ailment reflect. Which imo shouldn’t even be such a big deal in the first place.
If I had the chance, I would max both my El’s not because of the hilarious ailment reflect but everything else. He is a decently fast splash hitter, which I believe is his core mechanic to begin with while ailment reflect is thrown in there as a secondary skill. He gets faster when hit by ailments, he can support other greens with mana, even himself. This alone makes him worth maxing at least 2 copies. I’m more concerned about how fast and efficiently I can make him deal his damage.
I’m sorry guys, but the ailment reflect is just not a big deal. It’s a mountain out of a molehill issue. Especially when such mechanics has been introduced even more potently a year ago by gullinbursti

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I think I am missing something about gulli. He has a good utility that for 1. Can you help me understand how 5 gulli’s can be "more potent" than 9,500 damage in 1 turn that ignores defense?

Doesn’t the aoe damage he does to all bypass defence as well? And besides 9500 is overkill anyways. I can tell you for sure when 5 gullins fire, no one is surviving that And he increase his AOE damage when he’s or his teammates are hit by damage. While El’s reflect is limited to just DOT.

@Pompitous is projecting the damage that will be needed to insta-kill a team factoring in power creep that will be there in 2024, assuming the game survives until then

So… how can something be more potent?..

No… I put up a current team. 9,500 damage from only 2 ailments.

That is from JF and Vela…

Oh you mean in 2024 it won’t be overkill? Yeah that’s probably true

I know… but in 2021 9500 is overkill because no teams need to be hit by that much to die. Hence, fast-forwarding to 2024 when that is what it might take to kill a team…

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Because gullin can do this with any forms damage, doesn’t matter whether it’s slash/normal, special, DOT. His AOE scales significantly

I have him on attack path and LB’d. I think he caps out at around 477 damage or thereabouts

That’s 2385 damage from 5 of them. not overkill like 9500, But it gets the job done honestly and efficiently.

2385 vs 9,500. .

It’s just not more potent sorry.
But however… it is much much
More likely!! :yum:

However again… when it comes to hotm…

tim 9
tim 8

And an honorable mention:

That is for 1. I think the point is it is (much) less conditional than Elradir’s special
His damage also bypases buffs (e.g. dodge, defense up) and defense, and I don’t think it incorporates ailments such as blind. Not sure about taunt though? But it is quite similar to the reflect mechanics in this regard

Gullinbursti and Elradir “bypass” Taunt to hit all enemies with their relevant passive damage skills.

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I thought Elradir’s reflect didn’t bypass taunt… seem to recall it being discussed, and I have a (vague) memory of testing it out

This 9500 comes from specific situations with JF and Vela. 2385 comes from basically any types of damage. Playing a team outside of DOT, this 9500 is really 0. Numbers mean nothing, effectiveness matters in the long run


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