Eloise or Topaz

I am leaning towards Eloise as she gets nasty at average also have Rayne maxed and Quintin at 3/70 waiting two more scopes then will run them together to try and make their specials indispellable. Also have a couple of the ninjas to run with topaz and love the idea of the mana gain for the removed minions. Figure most of the time with Topaz it would be three heroes you would be hitting. Anybody have her and can advise how much mana you get for around 6 or 9 minions?

I’ve only just gotten her and haven’t been able to test her out yet.

I do have Grimble and I imagine the mana gain will be identical to his. With him 5 minions is enough to get very slow purples to full charge (i.e from 9 tiles to 13.5 tiles) and 10 minions is enough to recharge himself.

I’d personally lean towards Topaz for her versatility, high attack and hit and the mana gain


Poll for easy voting:

  • Eliose
  • Topaz
  • Other/ Wait

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Thanks Guvnor for the poll and Homaclese for your feedback. Much appreciated!

I just pulled Topaz right after maxing Eloise+20. Cant just leave Topaz at level 1 lol.