Eloise or Prof. Lidenbrock

Just done with Kullervo and just as a thought I would start with professor Lidenbrock I got Eloise…

Other 5* healers in use are: cAriel (LB +20), Alexandrine (LB +20), Lady of the Lake (LB +20) and as a side note Hulda (LB +20).

Other 5* anti minion: Eiora&Fluffy (LB +20)

Both alternatives seems great and I want them both maxed like right now but which should I start with?

I am not allowed or trusted enough to start a poll since I am pretty new here se feel free to help me, thanks.

  • Prof. Lidenbrock
  • Eloise

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Hey Uddi!

So, I’ve made that poll for you :slight_smile: But let me also add some context on why i’m pro-Prof. in this one!

Looking at your lineup, you’ve got some great healers in that list, but no holy! You even have a cleanser too, but, they don’t cleanse first :frowning: And only one booster too! Therefore, Prof. is a bit of a no brainer! Provided that she doesn’t get dispelled, she refreshes upon receiving new ailments, what’s not to love?

As for Eloise… Well, I don’t doubt that she is in fact a powerhouse, but so is Eiora & Fluffy, and well… a multi-coloured selection of minion managers just isn’t quite as potent as having a multi-coloured selection of healers if you ask me! :wolf:

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Thank you for both the poll and the informative answer.
I guess you are right since the professor is indeed a gamechanger in many ways.

Why I started to hesitate is because only got one anti minion (4* not even emblemed or LB) and in allianswar it would be useful to have multiple anti minion. Which I will in time but probably wise to ascend the prof. first.

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