🏰 Eloise – 5* Holy / Yellow from Clash of Knights

She will only clear out minions in the Minion War, right? Her minion prevention won’t take into effect because the minions were gifted the opponents, not created by them, yeah?

I’m thinking she’ll be pretty decent and might have some use in my Holy team.

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Happy cake day @rebelsouljah



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Got my first 5* from CoK! How I could have used her today lol so many Hilda’s. Will definitely make great use of that minion removal. Holy team just got a lot stronger


She removes minions and blocks new minions to enemies that had minions. No matter where the minions came from.

Not sure if FAST would be very beneficial. Then you have to hold her to fire, until Bera or Freya or Hulda or Christmas heroes or… have spawn their minions. Otherwise, she hits only and does nothing else. But the hit is very hard… 270% to all, with 1004 attack.

If she would need a buff, she could lose the conditional ‘if an enemy had minions’… or indeed, increase her 270% to 310% or so. Although she is my most powerful hero on attack stats (1004), when comparing her to some other AoE: Ruby (999 attack) does 370% damage to all, but only on 3rd charge (13-14 tiles).


She’s definitely on my next to max list after i finish Kara. I have a maxed Peñolite and that combo can be lethal against all these minion teams!

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I pulled her this weekend as well.

Not totally over the moon as my C Panther deals more damage while being fast and providing more general utility… But still - having a surplus of darts, I welcome Eloise with an optimism. I had Uraeus and Devana for those antiminion yellows, but neither of them felt like the ultimate minion counter. Eloise will fill that gap, although I still like Grimble and Topaz more for the minion removal.


Now i really want to max her to counter the three kingdoms heroes. I wish i had another strong raven but the chance to make minion summons uncleansable can be devastating for those teams.

Talking to you Diaochan!

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I have seen more than once the stated preference of at least topaz over eloise for minion removal.

I’ve tried to see if I should invest in topaz over eloise but have difficulty weighing the mana addition versus the ability to prevent heroes from getting minions.

Maybe I’m missing something, but the prevention of minions almost seems like the equivalent of mikis “blocking special skill” or proteus’ “mana freeze” if used against heroes* whose value is predominantly derived from summoning minions - and that seems more valuable than a mana gain function??

  • (such that you can dump tiles into this hero to get them to fire with no effect for the next several turns)

I agree with this. Both are great at what they do. And while both are a great addition to anyones roster, I personally think Eloise gets the edge against Topaz but (as cliché as it sounds) it depends whom they’re surrounded by. Topaz can be a sniper or a complete hit all which can be helpful against counter attackers so there’s a bit more versatility, but i like the consistency Eloise brings and that chance to completely take out a minion summoner for 4 turns is more invaluable.

To each is own though!

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Any thoughts on Eloise vs Horus after buff? Looking to max either for offense but wanted to know which way to go

Just a visual of more Holy in case it helps

I would go Eloise for her utility. She’s great against Hulda, Arco and the W3K family.


I’d do Eloise and then another mist before horibus


Topaz is a perfect counter to Lady of the Lake. Second charge doesn’t take too long to get to and even if the minions hit Topaz chances are you will still have enough to counter her minions and gain mana. For all the other minion summoners especially on multiple summoning teams Eloise I feel is more of a sure thing.


Agree that topaz is the perfect counter to LotL. Only thing I would add though is I don’t come across lotl as much as I used to unless it’s rush mode, in which case topaz’s ninja mana charging structure is at a disadvantage needing even more tiles than usual.

Have both and after a lot of testing at 3.70 , I invested in Topaz.
Logic says that preventing minions (Eloise) is better to eliminate the minions later (Topaz). That come with a price that in other aspects, Topaz is better, also great stats.
But my logic says, let them bring out their minions, they will be eliminated anyway by Topaz.

Both are good, but Topaz is slightly better in my opinion.

Happy gaming

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This team is for mono attack, right?

If you have hanitra on right, I would put Onatel there

Thanks Bud it was more so just display for reference… while I always appreciate the feedback and searching the forum for info on different heroes I went with Horus
lol it’s just hard not to love the damage output at very fast mana:smile:but don’t sleep on Eloise only a few mats away