🏰 Eloise – 5* Holy / Yellow from Clash of Knights

Tried for other heroes but happy to have her, maybe Bera won’t be my doom anymore.

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Emblems ? Especially for wizard emblem path can be anything. Aggressiv or defensiv. Compared to other hit all heroes her purpose seems to be damage (I also count minion removal as damage) … soooo attack ? Fully on atk plus LB she should reach 1000 points and almost 900 def.

Some observations

Let’s do a poll?!

  • Sword path (940/829/1503 without LB)
  • Shield Path (850/906/1570 without LB)
  • Somehow Balanced / Hybrid

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As I read the comments section Eloise is nothing special then Grimble who make same stuff and besides give a bit of mana to entire team wich is very good addition. Well lucky me I have Grimble and i get Eloise as well but as my Grimble is max out i don’t think so I’ll make Eloise max anytime soon wich basically both heroes does same stuff


I agree with you that Grimble is a better minion counter if you have him - I do too, and value him highly. However, sometimes you might need more than one (wars etc), can’t use dark (tournaments) or straight up prefer the extra damage to the mana gain. So I’ll be levelling my Eloise sooner rather than later, but not pausing Hanitra to give her priority. I think she’ll probably get darts before Akkorog, who’s sitting at 3.70.


Here is Eloise. Attack Path and Limit Broken.
She does 450-650 (depending on enemy defense stat) damage to all Enemies with 29 mana troop.
Pair her with C Krampus or BK and she can almost wipe out a team. Her minion bypass is essentially another 150-250 worth of damage as they are destroyed before applying damage.

Very good hero. That attack stat of 1004 i s insane.


And then they die, 20 characters

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