Elkanen vs. Musashi


I want to compare these two heroes. I just rolled Elkanen and I feel he’s perhaps the worst 5*. I wouldn’t mind finding out I’m wrong lol, but currently he seems like a complete waste of ascension items and it makes me sad :frowning: I never see him in raids either, but maybe some more experienced players will have some different sort of insight here. Do tell, if so.

Why Musashi? Because they seem to be quite similar, in a way.

  • Both hit the target and nearby enemies
  • Both have the special skill related to self-healing
  • Both are fast mana regen (what’s the actual difference between fast/medium/slow btw?)

Musashi 786 [+111]
Elkanen 675

Musashi 679
Elkanen 784 [+105]

Musashi 1248
Elkanen 1266 [+20]

Special skill:
Musashi 322% which is raw 2612
Elkanen 270% which is raw 1822 (255% and raw 1721 before the nerf)

The self healing on both seems negligible in most cases to be honest. Musashi heals 40% of normal damage dealt, Elkanen heals for who knows what.

So basically what I’m seeing is:

  • Elkanen has 111 less attack than Musashi. That also means green gems hit for less than yellow with Musashi.
  • His special skill deals less damage than Tiburtus’ or Grimm’s, who also have the very useful defense reduction (they have Average mana gain, but the secondary is incomparably more useful in most compositions).
  • He has a whooping 20 health more than Musashi
  • The only difference for him is 105 more defense. Which is still a smaller defense than Thorne/Richard who do way more damage with their specials.


I think both cards are not very strong compared to other 5* cards in the game. Musashi is Hero of the month so I would expect more from him but very disappointed in his outcome. Athena, Hel and Ares and Alberich are all way more powerful. Here’s to hoping Musashi gets a buf in the future. His self healing is terrible and doesn’t make any difference. His stats are average. The only good thing going for him is he has fast mana speed which is nice.


I was hoping for Alberich or Lianna today but I’ve no luck in this game. Get the only 5* and it’s one of the most garbage ones :frowning: Oh and another Kashrek, of course. Can’t have a 4* roll without the obligatory Kashrek/Skittleskull be it tokens, elemental summon, or t13.


Wanna swap with Thorne?


Probably haha. Though it’s kinda like trading 3 day old fish for 4 day old chicken nuggets.


I have Mustachio and I like him. His high attack makes him worth it and you definitely notice it in battle. I pair him up with Ares’ attack and critical boost and he is awesome. His health regen works well with any attack boost (Kiril, Ares, Wu Kong) and with gem explosions. Otherwise it’s meh like you said. Maybe instead of 40% they could boost it to 50% in the future.