Elkanen vs 2nd Telluria

If you have enough Tonics would you ascend a second Telluria, Elkanen, or neither and wait for a better green? (my only other green is Evelyn already maxed) Thanks for any thoughts on the matter!

Probably don’t need a second Tulleria… Not now and probably not ever lol…

As to whether to spend the tonics now or wait, are you a spender?

If you are, maybe wait until you got 10 or 11 tonics and pull the trigger on Elkanen

If you are C2P or F2P, I would just pull the trigger on Elk… He’s a DoA3 so has pretty good synergy with Evelyn so thats a bit of a plus.


I hate you for being in a position where you’re considering wasting materials on Elk because you have 2 Telluria :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this a real thread or are you just trolling? lol

considering the amount of people who have like 10 HoTMs (dupes) in their rosters, i’d say it probably isn’t trolling.

Quite honestly if you are going for variety before dupes, then go Elkanen.

just the statistical odds of having 10 dupes of the same hotm boggles my mind. I’ve been playing since it came out and only have 2!! lol

But seriously, Elk sucks. Wait for Lianna or a better green. No need to rush into Elk.

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the odds are pretty good if you spend a few thousand dollars every month

and ya, I had my elkanen since like march. 2019. And kadilen later on, didn’t waste my tonics, didn’t have a (usable) 5 star green for the entire time until i got my morgan last month. And now i just got heimdall and telluria, so I don’t even have enough tonics! Although I’m just short 3, which I can get pretty quickly from springvale and pirates epic rank 500 and just 1 more.

spending a few thousand a month on the game also boggles the mind lol

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some people make a few thousand a day… without working shrug.

2nd Telly for sure.
Elk only if he’ll get a costume.

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Thanks Guvnor. Don’t know the threshold for C2P, varies for me but maybe ~20/month here. I agree it is hard to imagine needing a second Telluria for anything except maybe war for a marginal benefit.

Not trolling! This is my first dupe HOTM. I saved gems for quite a while to pull at Valhalla gate on March 1. Like 70 pulls and zero S3 5* heroes but two Telluria popped out. I’m happier with her than any of the S3 heroes probably, but still was rather expensive!

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Waiting for Lianna is probably what I’ll do. Elkanen serves a purpose but doesn’t seem very fun to me. Maybe bring Telly#2 to 3/70 to goof around with mass minions. Thanks for the feedback folks.

I have Elk and Eve maxed and never regretted giving him tonics, even got him to +18 Also have Alby,Liana,Tarlak and Tell at the 4/80 Elk Eve is my favorite raid combo.

I have Evelyn maxed and put Kadilen up before Elkanen, which was a mistake. I wish I hadn’t given her the tonics, especially now that I pulled Heimdall and 2 Telluria too

All of this is a roundabout way of saying I reckon Elkanen + Evelyn is a very handy combo, and if you’ve done your pulls for a while you could do a lot worse than Elk

Thanks for the feedback folks. I’ll keep Elkanen in the running when the time comes I have 11-12 tonics and no other options (2-3 months from now). Probably not pulling much for months. Loki, Thor, and presumably Odin must be on their way this year. Might as well stock up gems again for a massive pull fail!

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