Elkanen, Hansel or Peter's?

I have enough mats to ascend only 1. Which should it be? Peter’s n Hansel have been great all around but Elkanen not so much. At 4/80 maybe somewhat effective but right now at 3/70, not impressed. I’m leaning towards Hansel but Peter’s has gotten me out of a pinch plenty of times. Any thoughts?

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It depends on the rest of your team, but if you can do only one then I would take Elkanen out of the equation right away.

As to Hansel or Peters, I haven’t played either, so someone else can chime in there.


Hansel: high attack, mana control and a defense buff against specials


Ahahahah Elkanen ahahahah!

Nope. Hansel.

Hansel and peters. Either one is great mana control for just 4 shields.

No Elkanen. I still have him 1/1. Not worth the 6 tonics.

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Hansel without a doubt

Hansel anytime. Great fo events

As I thought. Hansel is high on my list too. Tonics are way too rare to waste on Elkanen. I also have Thorne at 2/60 waiting on mats but that’s for another thread. Thanks for the input everyone.

that’s as high as thorne should go

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The only way Id ascend one of those two heroes past 2.60 would be if after had waited for X time (like, a year?)
the ascension cost would become free :rofl:

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I don’t have peter but Hansel is great against boss and raid.

Agreed for hansel but Peter’s is equally effective depending your line up. Thorne is a hard one. Definitely better than elkanen. I would ascend him to 3/60 but past that I’m not sure.

Hansel is better than peters. Mana reduction and damage better than just delaying special.

If you are using Merlin then ascend peters otherwise Hansel is better…

Hansel is more damage overall but he prevents you using Merlin’s mindcontrol ability becuase the hero will automatically lose 50% mana. However peters just makes the hero stay at 100% mana which means as soon as Merlin triggers and peters silence is about to wear off you hit the hero with Merlin and that hero goes off to nuke a team member.

Overall though Hansel is better.

Hansel is a god, absolute top tier. Fast mana, stops people from being able to ultimate for 3 turns. This is so amazingly powerful both in Raids and in world events. Peters is not as strong. While he can silence, Hansel reduces mana by 50%, and can do so multiple times within the 3 turn window, doing damage with every activation. Elkanen is only useful as a defensive tank, and there are better options.

Yes there are better options than elkanen. I have Boss W0lf buts he’s also on the back burner at 3/60 waiting on mats. Wolf is also (for now) only good as tank. Unless his special/mana changes or gets an upgrade he’s only good for a tank. But there’s another thread on that.

Hansel all the way though.

I have Peters and Hansel, they’re both great. Peters has gotten me out of many tight spots before but right now, if I have to pick, I go with Hansel. Can’t go wrong with that one.

I have 1 Peter’s at 4/70. A second one waiting on mats 3/60, but Hansel was just ascended to 4/1 will bring him up all the way. I was wondering about my 2nd Peter’s but you all helped me with the right choice. Hansel it is. Thank you.

I was fortunate enough to get Hansel quite early when I started playing, so my opinion on him is going to be a bit biased. I use Hansel on nearly everything, and he carries me extremely hard during events and even on attack raids at times. He’s pretty ■■■■ good on titans as well, and I also think he’s a lot of fun to utilize in general… I highly recommend him to anyone.

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