Elkanen buff

Hey, I’ve had elkanen for some time now aND he has never been used due to him being very lack luster and 1 dimensional. Some people were thinking about replacing his heal with something like grimm or boldtusk just something to make him more usable because green doesn’t have any heroes that do this.

There are more heroes that definitely need a buff to become more viable…

I hope that devs start to do that for us to see more diversity in the game…

Everyone plays the same heroes today, because there are a hand full of them that are op!!!

I don’t know if devs have acess to the percentage of usage a hero has but would be nice if they buff the heroes that have less time spent in the field…

Elkanen was my 1st 5* hero and I never fully ascend him because he doesn’t impact the game like others!!!

Leónidas was my second and he was buffed 2 times since I have him, he is between the limbo, he is not GOOD but is not BAD either…

Since 4* Ascension Materials are something rare, we have to choose wisely who ascend!!!

There is a topic somewhere in this forum with a list of heroes that definitely need a buff!!!

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I don’t really think that Elkanen is that bad of a 5* hero in general, but he suffers from the same ailment that Chao does: being too general-purpose to excel in a specific niche. On offense, his tile damage is lacking, but he has a fast-charging special with decent damage and a healing factor that will keep him alive in a difficult fight. On defense, he’s a pretty good flanking hero, especially when equipped with mana troops to boost his damage and subsequent healing. His special damage and/or healing factor could maybe be tweaked up a bit to be more in line with Leonidas’ special, but I don’t think he’s bad as is.

That said, he has to compete with heroes who are way better specialists. Zeline crushes everyone in raid offense, Alberich is probably the single most valuable defensive hero in the game, Horghall is a great tank (though seeing less use with GM now), and Lianna is a powerhouse sniper for raids and titans. Compared to them, Elkanen looks worse in every category.

Elkanen is absolutely terrible

Definitely the worst 5* along with kong and owl

Let’s compare him to a “meh” Leo

Leo heals 40% more, Leo mana steals leo does more damage, and Leo isn’t even considered good

Elk isn’t the best and I agree he needs to be buffed. I think he is great for farming because of his multi attack.

Elk has one of the better def in the game, however, i agree. He needs some serious fixing. If not upping his attack:
A: Make him very fast
B: At least up his special again by 5% or so.
C: Or both
D: If these don’t seem logical, Make him as annoying as hell, and up his def considerable. Make him hard to kill.

I agree that Elk,needs a buff. By whatever scoring mechanism SG has, it clearly weighs “heal self from attack” far more than we players do. All the self-healing heroes—Elk, Morgan, Leo, Musashi—are lackluster to bad. Leo is much better after his recent makeover, but the others still need some improvement.


I have Morgan and she is good and not good in same time. Many times I had situations when she did her Special skill and was killed in same turn. That means, no damage dealt to opponent at all. Wierd, you can not dispel her Special skill but in same time you can. I think beta testers didn’t do their job well.

I got Elena. Was hyped but not for long. 4/80 or not usable at all. I don’t think that I ever will ascend her.

We also have super slow heroes like Boss Wolf, Guardian Owl. Why they even are creating so bad heroes!?

Devs really have to check all heroes together and do something.

I personally don’t like hero buffing or nerving, after they have been introduced.
The only exception being if it becomes clear right after introduction, that a nerv/buff is really needed.
But just constantly buffing/nerving one hero after another leads to chain reactions … and it is not fair to players acquiring/not acquiring them because of the stats, that the hero had.
I am a big fan of, first think, then code. And as there is a beta invironment (rumors), there should be no need for adjustments, once introduced in the real game.
But it would be nice to have some new “normal” heros introduced.
And it would be nice if event and HOTM heros wouldn’t be so obviously overpowered compared to the “normal” heros.
OK, that have been a little more than 20 chars.


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