🕵 Elizabeth – S4 Hero – 5* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Hello new imbahero! You make the same mistakes as always. It’s very overpowered, especially in mana slow effect. What is about no heal tournament?

Nothing! We have just gotten red Alfrike, average speed, for bloody battle tourney! :slight_smile:


Fiends are DIFFERENT from Minions. Unless there is a SPECIFIC mention of a “Fiend” in the heroes description, they will not affect a Fiend holding hero.

This includes (but not limited to): Bera, Noor, Vela (innate), Grimble, Gobbler, Captain of Diamonds, Gormek Costume etc…

So specifically:



Also no

This one is no too

What reflect? There is no “red reflect” hero in the game.

Pretty sure Taunt (if active) will stop a Fiend from applying to anyone other than the taunting hero.

Counterattack doesn’t do anything as there is no-one to “counterattack” back at. The Fiend has no HP.

And finaly, No.


Thank you. So, “Fiend” behave like minion but isn’t a minion.

I think my question hasn’t enough detail. I mean for example when you use Boril to attack Elizabeth tank. Because the damage isn’t ignore defense like Gullinbursti’s damage, I think it might like Mindness attack from Merlin’s ailment which the fiend owner deal damage to himself/herself. Or i’m wrong.

And can Elizabeth apply fiend on Stonecleave ghost ? (I ask because Kvasir can apply minion on Stonecleave ghost)

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I would expect no because it’s coming from the enemy team vs. Kvasir who is an ally…

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Ok, you aren’t sure. What about damage from Elizabeth fiend ? Is it like Mindness attack from Merlin’s ailment which the fiend owner deal damage to himself/herself ?

Fiend damaged 43% every turn
Does that mean the enemy with a fiend gets damage each turn or if it get hit by a hero it adds 43% attack to the hit

Got her in a single pull and don’t have any other 5* monks + the rings are ready too very happy with it :slight_smile:

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The hero with the fiend gets damaged by the spider with a 43% hit based on Elizabeth’s attack

Got her this morning. I’m also very excited about it.
She is already maxed and my question now is which talent path to choose?
Give her the full defense thing or go attack/life?

I’m sure JekylandHyde will have some content out soon covering this. His is at 20 already


This hero is totally OP. I dont see the point if its release except to increase their own profit. The problem with the hero are:

  1. This fiend thing is not defined- it’s not a ailment so it can’t be cured or prevented with Grazul or other kind of protection. What happen if there are 2 or more of them are cast on the heroes.
  2. 34% penalty if mana generation is huge penalty especially when you should use heal to move them out.
  3. The damage per turn. Each minion hits for 20-25% but this one hits for 43% that means that each of them it’s going to deal at least 100 d mg in defense and 75 in offence.
    So in total we have ONE hero on average = 9 shields with proper mana troops with 1050+ attack. Who strikes for 175% dmg + 43% atack in the same turn to ALL, give unremovable ailment of 34% mana generation to ALL and prevent 28% healing to ALL.
    And this hero in the next week will be in each defence of top 1000.

She’s strong but you can kill the minions with healing so there’s a counter to her spiders at least

She is OP because the fiends are too strong. It’s ok when the mana reg penalty is removed

Already watched a test video about her. This hero is INSANE! :scream: I mean TOO IMBA!


Anyone tested if Malosi can block her? And definitely Grazul/Wanda can’t block her fiends? I mean these fiends can be considered a status ailment right?

Perfect teammate for Ureus. :grinning:


Those two paired on offense will be deadly…

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Is this attack route?

Considering how many teams without healers are running in diamond lately (suddenly multiplying after I got Vanda of course), Eliz here is pretty broken. I am not sure she’ll meet the fate of Tell though; she is hard to get.