🕵 Elizabeth – S4 Hero – 5* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

You bring 2 healers and compose a decent team with those 2 healers in 2 different colors vs Elizabeth and it will not be difficult at all to beat regardless of the board - easier than if Elizabeth was replaced by Frigg or Finley or someone equally strong. I’ll honestly say I prefer facing even Skadi in defense than Elizabeth because the hit is much stronger

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Well anyway I said my piece. I’m just saying skills must match the mana speed.

SG will most likely not nerf her anyway.

Wtf ? That’s the best spot for an average speed hero. They can’t be wing and as I said above they are meh at flank cause they barely fire once and almost never twice and if they do fire twice, your board is so bad that any other hero could have done the job…

Good for you. :+1: :wink:

Most people see the counter as just heal the 28% and it all goes away which basically means you have to delay your cleanse if Frigg or someone else has hit. I agree with you completely and find it’s funny that people love the 3* who is slow, has the same mechanics, but doesn’t slow down the mana. You’ll have to adjust your play style to her when you see her meaning bringing 2 healers. If you can’t do that, you’ll need to figure something out


How is that 43% attack from fiend counted? When she attacks in offense she does around 250 damage. If 175% attack deals 250 damege 43% should deal around 65 damege but in real game it’s only about 35 damage.

It’s not 43% of her special’s damage. each fiend has 43% of her base attack against the opponent’s defense stat.

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Like Sam-I-Am said, using the defense formula proposed on the forum:

Special: 100•(1.75•1127/1000)^1.35≈250, where 1000 is the enemy’s (true) defense and 1127 Elizabeth’s attack at the time of casting (chosen so we get 250 damage).

Spider: 100•(0.43•1127/1000)^1.35≈38

Basically, the damage formula is nonlinear.

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We know she’s amazing, but I still wanted to go over her strengths and compare her with other Fiend summoners. Here are my thoughts on the Spider Queen. Thanks!


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