🕵 Elizabeth – S4 Hero – 5* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Since her 175% damage isn’t that much, or her main point, I’m going Shield > Health > Sword on my talent path. End result is:

:crossed_swords: 821
:shield: 865
:heart: 1592

I’m using her as a flank, but I think she’ll be an excellent tank as well.


what you answered me is perfect.
In the photo you can see the load of 3 tokens in a defense enemy with a demon and without a demon.
if 3 is = 10 or 100%
24% of 3 is = 0.72%

the theme is the game makes the calculations in whole number and not being a whole number the percentage of the combination of chips does not subtract anything.
In the image it can be seen that this 0.72% should be easily noticed when comparing the load with and without a demon but the truth is that they are exactly the same

I’ve got another question about Elizabeth and I apologize in advance if it has already been answered. When the fiend soaks up the healing from the hero, what happens in instances where there is a healing debuff. Specifically, I’m talking about Perseus and Bae Yeong (of course there may be others). I have both in my roster and I’m curious if I use either one to clip, or in Perseus case completely deny healing, does that mean that for those 4 turns the minion won’t soak healing and stay, or will the healing still go to the fiend but ignore the main unit. I hope I am stating my question clearly…it’s confusing to me as well.

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Helaing debuff prevents healing, so the fiends won’t soak healing and they will stay.
So, Perseus and Bai yeong has good synergy with Elizabeth. So does other heal debuff heroes like Roc, Yunan…

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The delay comes with the family bonus (the strange useless tiles that look fancy but do like 0 damage, most of the time youll combine them anyways)

Yeah probably but normally you would take targets that have no healers at all. In that case elizabeth is a time winner. (If you fire her once). The fight will be much easier after that.

Depending on the regular team builts, elizabeth could possibly work fine with heroes that are normally a bit too slow for offense.
Lets say
Neith: more or less full mana control over full opposing team
Vivica: intensive heal but often too slow to charge often enough
All counterattacking heroes especially elena.

I dont see her too strong at all.
I am glad that she is a hero that punishes defenses without healer. It really was time to do something against “5 fast silly damage-against-all heroes” defenses.

More of those please. :wink:


I would go with Sword>Shield>health. It’s minions also has attack power derived from the caster

Her spidery damage is very low, I see 30-50 damage against most highly emblemed 5’s. Even if I went all swords, that would only change by a few points. Having the extra defense and health keep her up, and her mana gen reduction and healing absorb does the good work.

But I digress. That’s the beauty of the talent grid, all play styles can be complimented.

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Got mine to 5 emblems after the final ring dropped from Mount Umbar the other day.

She’s good but honestly not as game breaking as Frigg or Odin. I have Frigg and when she fires it hurts. Odin alludes me but I think he’s possibly the strongest hero in the game.

People were very wound up by Elizabeth but I’ve used her a lot and I can’t say she’s made the kind of impact that Insee others make. When I get my Uraeus sorted the synergy may really work between then but again they are much more offence driven.

Stats wise she’s not off the charts anyways. Just a different new mechanic and everyone lost there heads about it.


With the above in mind I might just now give the mats to Gefjon rather than Elizabeth

My Gefjon is at +18 and she’s a beast. Massive sniper hit from her and bypassing the minions and then stealing them on the way out is magical.

Elizabeth is a different kind of monster.

But here I am bless by the RNG gods because in my mono red I’ll just run both :laughing:


Both will eventually go in my mono Red teams. But looking to do Gefjon first.
My current red mono is Costume Marjana, Red Hood, Anzogh, Boldtusk and Wilbur (or Jean-Francois)
Waiting at 3/70 are
2nd Marjana
Then I have Noor, Mitsuko and Reuben at 1/1

My wife told me she hates fighting against Elizabeth.

I was like, “yeah. She can be a pain.”

Then she started screaming and I realized it was because my wife is a huge arachnophobe and Elizabeth just went off and I had to flee the battle for her.


She is definitely not tank she is flank hero and very good but every once in a while if players will compare to other hero’s then it will never be same… Every hero has its own special powers… Like GM can’t give mama drop and heal steal as elizabeth vice versa she can’t give burn damage and very fast mana speed… Every hero has pros & cons adapt them according to gameplay…Thats it thank u☺️

Have run into Elizabeth on defense many times now.

She changes the complexion of any battle in which she fires. The mana slow is brutal, it slows your healers so the healing takes longer, constant ping of DoT too which puts you at risk for when their big hitters go off.

I am running into her on teams that could probably field any hero they wished and Elizabeth is WELL SUPPORTED.

She does not win the battles on her own but she does exactly what you would think she does AND she does it well.

When all the enemy’s heroes are game changers she tips the field in favor of the defense, almost overwhelmingly. The fiends accumulate forcing more and more healing or minions to eliminate them BUT your mana is slowed and you are taking a beating from (choose any: Odin, Frigg, Killhare, Finley, etc…) and perhaps those heroes are sheltered behind Krampus so that IF you do charge your specials, you have one target that is very hard to kill.

When she is the single scariest hero on the defense she is easier to deal with (obviously), dump tiles into the other heroes while you charge your team. She cannot overcome terrible support but certainly deserves to be considered one of the top tier support heroes herself.

After the Telly/Vela fiasco this feels a bit, I don’t know… ridiculous (the politest word I can use). The power of the new heroes and the synergies between their specials are amazing.
SG, please just put Telly & Vela back to an earlier, more powerful version, heck there are plenty of choices between versions.
It was annoying to ONLY see Telly tanks for days at a time. Now there is more diversity of super powerful heroes and greater synergy options that are at least as powerful as ever T/V was.

I very much hope that Elizabeth joins my team, she would make it better and would almost certainly make it onto both regular raid and defense team.


I agree ! Buff those 2 especially for players only having those or one of those . So for the lower playing members . And keep Elisabeth as is. The top dogs are nit the only ones and the lower spent more for getting good heroes all together

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I love using Lizzy for S4 maps. Even on prov6 where there is a 90% drop in mana gen for red heroes. She just really needs to fire once on the last boss wave and it generally means a win.

What happens when she fires twice? Does each fiend do its own damage?

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Yes, they stack like minions up to 3

Not asking for a nerf but need a turn limit (e.g. 3 turns) on those damn minions. Last for 7 turns is really too much.

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