Elizabeth or Aruna (Azlar Costume)?

Wich one to up first?

Who is Aruna? Sorry, not familiar with that name.
But I’ll probably say Elizabeth first.


It’s Azlar. He20 heheheheheheh


why do they have different names in different languages totally confusing same in German.

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Azlar costume is a good hero but needs other damage dealers to bring down enemy below 50%

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@Raghstpart I would have never guessed that. :rofl: :rofl:

@Andreardel00 my recommendation still remains on Elizabeth, she is a great hero.
I have none of these heroes but I raid a lot of teams that have them and Elizabeth can be very problematic… those fiends are painful.
Plus another benefit of her is for War Equalizer wars, her fiends (like minions) can’t be removed unlike Azlar’s status ailment.


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