Elizabeth fiends debuff bug

I’ve found some bug with mana regeneration debuff from Elizabeth spiders. So when hero has mana regeneration debuff, and f.e. Grazul cast debuff shields on it (spiders’ debuff still working), and then Elizabeth cast new spiders - mana regeneration debuff disappears though the renew and shield blocking. I think it’s incorrect mechanic, and renew must go after debuff goes through shiels, so old mana regeneration reduce must be still working.

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Grazul does not cleanse status ailment like Rigard did, he protect new status ailment.

EDIT: And Fiends is not status ailment, so it can not be cleanse or blocked.
EDIT2: Grazul protection including Poseidon, Cleric or Monk can resist the mana regeneration ailment.

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If I understand the situation correctly, Grazul isn’t cleansing the status ailment, but the mechanics are a little messed up and I was kind of curious when this type of bug would come up.

My understanding is that everyone has the mana regeneration status ailment. Grazul fires, so now all the heroes have the mana regeneration status ailment and shield to prevent status ailments. Elizabeth fires again while both are active. The shield protects the heroes from getting the mana regeneration debuff, but the game interprets it as, they shouldn’t have it any more. I.e. erasing the previous debuff because the shield says that they shouldn’t receive it.

I’ve wondered what would happen if I had hit a Grazul defense with a def down, he fires, and if I hit a def down immediately after. Would the game interpret that because my second def down is prevented, then the heroes shouldn’t have a def down ailment, and erase the previous status by accident.

Not sure if that’s clear or if that is was the OP is stating.

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I know. But if Grazul shields are active and hero has mana regeneration debuff from spiders earned earlier, after getting new spiders from Elizabeth this debuff is disappeared.

Yes. Correct. And I think def down effect will disappear too

Well, I did not clearly know what happened, I do not have Elizabeth and did not notice on raid.
Fiends is not status ailments, so it cannot be cleansed and also can not be blocked.

Case 1:

OK, it is intended, because Fiend is not status ailment.

Case 2:

OK, Grazul cast special 1st, then Elizabeth cast her special, so mana regenartion status ailment is not applied on Grazul teams. Is it what happened? Grazul teams should still have Fiends and get mana regenenation. If this is happened, then Bug.

Yes, it should so, because Fiends is not status ailment, can not be cleanse and cannot be blocked.

Grazul team already has spiders debuff, then Grazul cast shields. Shields don’t clean debuff, it’s still on heroes. Then Elizabeth cast more spiders while shields are active and debuff disappeared. It’s wrong mechanic, debuf must stay on heroes.

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OK, wait… I still reeading many posts on Elizabeth thread… and this is the answer:

And also Cleric class as it is mana ailment.

So, as long as the heroes has fiends, if their turn to apply mana regeneration ailment, it is Resisted, because it is blocked and act like status ailments.

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What about debuff that was on heroes?

What debuff? defense down ailment? or what specific example?
I mean Fiends is not a status ailments it is like minion, so it can not be cleansed and blocked.
But the effect (mana regeneration) can be resisted by protection of Grazul, Poseidon, Cleric and Monk class.

We talk about mana regeneration debuff from spiders. It was on heroes before Grazul shields, why it’s disappeared when new spiders sets on them while these shields are active?

OK, Grazul teams have Fiends on it.
Then Grazul cast special.
Then Grazul still have Fiends, because small heal does not remove the fiends.
Then mana regenartion resisted because of shield is active, but damage is still applied, because it is not status ailment.

To disappear Fiends, we need some healing (28% of Grazul HP) or replace with minions, there are no other option at the moments.

Please, read carefully what I’ve written earlier. I’m talking about debuff that disappeared: it was - Grazul heal + shields, it still IS with fiends, Elizabet cast new, heroes has 2 fiends each, BUT no debuff

I do not understand here, English is not my 1st language, please slow down.
As I understand in the community.
Debuff = status ailment (negative) like defense down, attack down, damage over time burn, poison, etc.
Buff = positive status, like defense up, attack up, Grazul shield, etc.

So Grazul shield is a buff, not debuff.
So, do you say that Grazul buff is disappeared? Are you sure? Because it is only 2 turn.

  1. Grazul team has fiends and mana regeneration reduce from them
  2. Grazul casts heal and shields
  3. Grazul team has fiends and mana regeneration reduce from them AND shields
  4. Elizabeth casts new fiends
  5. Grazul team has 2 fiends each and NO mana regeneration reduce from them.
    Mana regeneration debuff is disappeared. Why? It already WAS.
    Now clear?

OK, very clear…
Step 3 is the problem then, it should resisted from mana regeneration reduce.
But maybe the order of turn has effect, so as long as fiends is on the heroes, it still active, until next turn, Grazul is ready to block on the next turn not on the activate time.
Step No.2 is still in same turn with step No.3.

All steps is the same turn.

Turn 1: No.1 - No.3
Turn 2: No.4 - No.5 (because Elizabeth cast new special)

Why? I think you don’t understand me or game mechanics. Anyway I need some staff reaction. Argue with random member I can in other forum section.

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