ELIZABETH errors in the function of the hero

Well I know that some have read that in particular I am not very satisfied with the function of the hero but also thanks to comments from batallando con ragnar.
I have managed to find and check errors in the operation of the hero.

I understand that some things are one way and in the file they are explained in another (which I do not agree)
Now what I am going to show is all that are errors and also what would be good to fix the hero, and other things

mistake number one

when one activates a hero that gives the team Immune To New Negative Status Effects. before it is affected by elizabth’s terms. manages to block the reduction of mana that demons generate. demons are now supposed to generate mana reduction each turn. So when the immunity ends the hero should be affected by the reduction of mana, however this does not happen

after the immunity effect passes

second mistake
maybe it’s not that important
but notice that Malice does not show the image of being affected by the demons after elizabth activated her special power, however in the token it does show it

thanks to FraVit93 and freetgy for taking the time to explain me and help understand the mana charge
A fast mana hero, let’s say grazul, has a mana charge of 6.5 and is activated with 7 tokens and can be activated with 6 tokens if we give it a mana charge increase of 9% now according to I calculate them and I hope I don’t miss them when affected For the demons to be able to activate with 6 tokens it should have a mana charge increase of 11.24% which would be 12%.
This I could not be able to verify and I would be grateful if someone could confirm if it is so since I still have doubts about the effect of reducing the mana of the demons

Improved Hero Token Quality

I understand that the -24% generation of demons is not added for each demon invoked so that it is not unfair but the token suggests otherwise.

We can increase the mana load of some heroes by up to 57% and have a good chance of eliminating demons, either by healing the hero or by displacing it.
So increasing the mana load by 57% is unfair
being that we can only reduce -24 obtaining it
Being a little more fair, it could have a greater range of increase in the decrease of mana since the vast majority of high level players have troops at level 29 which already gives an extra 15% of mana charge + 2 or 4% extra for Talent network and maybe some combination of heroes like mica that can contribute an extra 33% of mana charge during 5 turns. not counting the pro costume bonus or family bonus.
Having all these options to counteract a low mana reduction would not be bad in fact it would be great to have a hero who has a greater mana reduction since we are talking about a single hero versus many options with all the heroes to obtain more than 24% increased mana charge

That the demons reduce a greater percentage of mana I do not see it so unfair.

  • Maybe you should modify the value of the reduction so that it is a 15% reduction with each demons and when joining 3 demons add -45% reduction or maybe less.
  • Another option is that with the first demons it is -24 with the second demons it is -30 (let’s say) and with the third - 35 or 40.

But if they are not going to take any of these two suggestions, at least you could modify the explanation of the letter for something closer to reality and power operation.
since what is read and understood is that each demon reduces -24 when this is not the case

If we compare the mana reduction of the minons of elibeth with those of the lady of the lake there is a clear disadvantage that is already raised one could face a titan with lady of the lake activate 2 times with their power positions and we would already have -100% reduction from mana to this we could add another hero that empowers the minions so this could also be done in other parts of the game and of course there is a big difference between elizabth and lady of the lake the mana charge that would give a balance between the activation difference and hero’s powers but this by means of a mana charge boost would be shortened.
so therefore afraid of giving a high reduction value to elizatbh’s demons.

The heroine presents a great power a great new difficulty. why self-sabotage her by making her become a mediocre hero due to her actual functionality.

and I’m not counting that the demons are displaced by the minons which is something I should take out for the hero to work as it should

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Sorry. But I stopped reading when I read several times the words “tokens”, “reduction” and “demons” but realized you were referring to different things. Also, the term “reduction” highly connotes mana cut, but you obviously refer to Elizabeth’s Fiends causing -24 mana regeneration caused to their enemy owners. It’s just too confusing for my little brain.

Nooo. @ratabboypda’s posts (I’ve noticed several of his threads recently) should not be flagged. I know he has good intentions but somehow confuses me due to the wordings he has used. I understand it may be due to the language barrier.


I am not offended of your flagged post. However, in order for your posts and threads not to be misread or misunderstood, try to use terms that were utilized by the cards on the English text (or from the beta beat or initial release threads somewhere here in the forum). That way, your posts or threads can easily be digested. Just a suggestion though.

for “Mistake Number 1”, it’s working as intended. If a Hero’s immunity of Status Ailments is ACTIVE, when Elizabeth fires her special, the heroes will NOT get the negative mana generation, due to the immunity as being active. Even when the immunity ends, they still won’t get the negative mana generation as that special is applied when Elizabeth’s special is fired. In order to give the negative mana generation to the enemies, Elizabeth will need to fire her special when a immunity to ailments isn’t active.

As for Malicna, She’s resistant to effects that steal health. So, Elizabeth’s Fiends will not work on Malicna because they steal healing. So, the way i see it, these 2 things are working as intended.

As for the negative mana generation, the hero doesn’t get more negative mana generation for each Fiend it has. Even if it has 3 Fiends on it, the negative mana generation will remain the same as the text says on Elizabeth’s card. If you have the Dark Lord and he fires his special, due to his special reducing mana generation, that’s when it will stack with similar effects like Elizabeth. The reason why Elizabeth’s fiends are like that is because if Elizabeth’s Fiends provide -24% mana generation for each, that’s a total of -72% mana generation. And because of this, it will make the match near impossible to win. Because then your heroes can’t generate the mana to heal or get a chance to get back into the fight.

I’m just trying to help explain things to the best of my ability. And the way i see it, all of Elizabeth’s effects, and Malicna’s, are working as intended. I hope this helps and adds some clarity


the token says in each turn that is, when the effect ends, the reduction should be activated

Am I the only one that suspects poor translation of the card text into @ratabboypda ‘s native language is the issue here?

That they’re asking for a buff of the hero that many want nerfed is hilarious. Any claim that Elizabeth is a “mediocre hero” is laughable, at best.

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LotL minions and Lizzie’s mana gain reduction work differently.

LotL minions cut mana on a random hit, whereas heroes infected with fiends have their mana gain slowed while infected.

Lizzie’s fiends are already OP, I would be horrified if they cut mana every turn on the infected heroes. Just as bad would be a slow multiplier for each fiend attached.

The last thing these fiends need is more powerful effects.


Mana reduction against every hero every turn would mean never using a special again.

That anyone thinks this is even vaguely viable means they don’t understand the game at all.

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