Elizabeth bug

Ursena and Elizabeth are last two standing for other team. Elizabeth had her own blood sucking fiends courtesy of Lord Loki. Even though no healing was applied these fiends disappeared after a few turns.

Hmm… any screenshots or video ?

If it’s a bug, then those screenshots or video will help greatly.

Elizabeth doesn’t have any bugs, they’re arachnids.


I wish, didn’t realize there was a problem until the end.

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Shucks. If you notice it again, hope you can get some evidence.

Do you still have the team in your tower?

Easiest solution would probably be healing via element link, which is nearly impossible to see as it just look like all the other element links in the game and that would also explain why they disappeared after a few turns.

Or how many times did Uraeus fire? His minions push those fiends out. So if there were already 2 minions and the fiends on the last place they would vanish when Uraeus fires once more.

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That’s odd then unless prof L HoT buff was still active after she had passed on. Her buff renews itself with fresh ailment.

Can you recall ?


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