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I tried a few combos and was always a fraction short. Won’t matter soon anyways mono won’t kill in 3 tiles once limit broken, so I’m trying more 4/1 combos and removing fiends by double healer method.

I think she is powerful, but totally not game changing like Telly. She can totally be shot down easily with good strategies. So… no need to nerf her. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry that I have to mention Telly, because she’s the best example of what OP should be like.

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Elizabeth is mostly good when you combine her with heroes with minions like Freya or Bera which both are better than her. In my opinion she is overestimated. Make her fast or at least increase her attack to 250%.

250%??? You think the average heroes should have higher special shots like slow heroes? She is enough good. She is very annoying in defence

can´t agree. She´s good enough.

I think her attack power is really good as it is. 175% for an AOE hero is no joke, and she also does a lot of other things too. So being average is perfect for her.

However, what bugs me is the inconsistency of her special skill’s description. The special skill states, for example, that the spider fiend gives the owner -24% mana generation as long as the owner still has the fiend(s). However, if you preemptively block this with Grazul, Garnet or Vanda, this effect won’t appear at all. This is very inconsistent of what the special skill describes. And I think this must change.

I think effect from Grazul, Garnet or Vanda should block the mana generation as long as the effect is still in active. But after the effect disappears, but -24% mana generation should jump in immediately, because technically speaking, the owner still has spider fiend(s) and thus the effect should be active, like it is described in the special skill.


Please don’t. She’s insanely great as she is.

1% of voters think she’s underpowered. I don’t expect this thread to get much traction.


It may do slightly better than the Salmon Loki needs a nerf thread


You realise she does 175% + 28% max hp damage, right? Which amounts to more damage than killhare, this not counting the fiend slashes, and mana debuff until it’s healed.

Or, if she doesn’t do the 28% max hp part, she permanently slows down all enemies by a speed stage, which is even more insane?

Yeah, Elizabeth is soooo weak and should at least start every fight with 100% mana.


My prediction for reverse formation saturating the game is being hampered only by those slow to realize how easy doubles are wiped by multiple hit-3’s.

The missing ingredient for Elizabeth is Uraeus…

Some are slow to piece that one together as well, but that prediction is more than valid. It’s op!

I wasn’t going to comment on this thread, I can only think it was intended as a joke, but the formations thing on the other hand, I find interesting and useful. I’m using reverse double since formations started. My average cups went from 2500+ to 2600+, with no sensational additions to my defense, which is by no means anything else than common. Reverse double works just fine. Trouble with hit three is that most of them aren’t fast, so a less than average board will place such a team in a very hazardous situation, very fast. Hit three will, of course, become hit all, but on the other hand, buff three will also become buff all for double defenses. There are many times I’d rather face a reverse V shape where I can work one side, denying the other side precious mana.

Anyway, back on topic, I think asking for an enhanced Elizabeth is a lame joke…


very fast GM and Clarissa just lol’d.
I like my fast Evelyn too. Dispell your entire team. Which is exactly why… the prediction is coming true. Have a look.

I can see how some wouldn’t feel great about Elizabeth. Lots of healers in the game to counter her.

Not so well when they also have sand damage too, however.

Buffing Elizabeth is a joke indeed…

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Not all players have GM, Clarissa and Evelyn. Very few have all three, some fortunate have two of them, some more, one of three, but most have none. I, for one, have none of them. Most hit three are average. Anyway, the recently intorduced/disabled raid history log, did not show hoards of GM’s, Clarissa or Evelyns attacking my c.Elena, reverse double defense. As expected, it showed lots of mono blue, some not as sucessfull mono green against the 2 x blue in my back line (I found that peculiar) and many 3/2 diverse combos. I’ll keep an eye out for hit three teams, soon as history log returns, but I don’t think I’ll have to worry to much about them becoming a “thing”.

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Unfortunately the missing ingredient for my Uraeus is Elizabeth.

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250%!!! I want what your smoking lol.

Elizabeth is fine they way she is.

Soon she will be forgotten due to more new overpowered hero’s coming soon and more in the future.

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I still think she is overestimated and you can kill her easily. She only works well with support from other heroes. She has four different fancy special skills and you think she is awesome but without much result in the game. At least increase the damage from spider fiends or better put minions to her and to all of her allies. Balanced her in way that she would make a difference either in defence or in offence. Cheers.

I strongly agree with you. Last week I changed all 4 formations, with heros I have, and it turns out the best I can do atm is a double defence. With tp slightly above 4600 it holds about 2600 or more cups, and has a win rate of 50-60%. With all its flaws, it works absolutely the best compared to other variants. Of course, if I had some heros that work marvelously in reverse formation (Frigg, Morel…), yeah, I think I would choose a reverse formation. But, I don’t have those. :man_shrugging:t2:

I use double defence and will say aswell it wins 50/60% of the time aswell some days more with sif in the middle.

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