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LOL, except hardly anybody who is CTP or lower has a taunt hero…they’re rare! Taunt counters everything by the way.

I am finding it hard to believe this is even a issue still

I got Elizabeth and was soo excited I maxed her right away over Gefjon , in raids in offence shes ok but shes a support in either offence or defence, like neith not game changer like original telly. I would say shes maybe telly version two …not version one but better than version 3 .

In defence I don’t fear her at all, bring a bunch of fast snipers and shes dead before she fires, I dont even prioritize killing her over say frigg or BK or bera or finley or jabber or alfrike or onyx or garnett or SIFF or cobalt or killshare or hell even heimdall, MN and alby .

Should have done Gefjon to be honest

If you had her, you’d realize she’s defeated with the right set up. She’s not invincible…

Learn how to work what you have.

I’m gonna stay off the forums because it’s threads like this that makes me pissed - every decent hero I’ve received has been nerfed — I’m honestly sick of spending my $$ just so the whiners and have nots can get their way.

We are seeing a steady line of newer and stronger hero’s. Get lucky and pull a few, or just close it and play the best you can with what you have…


Dunno how to put a notice up. Haha. sorry Mr Anderson that wasn’t directed at you.
Err keep it civil this getting lot of flags it’s a disscuisson we all ain’t gonna agree on every thing.

Elizabeth is fine the way she is in my opinion. If you’re having trouble against her with a decent board then you might want to consider changing your team and approach against her. When I first saw her card; I thought she was very overpowering but after fighting her, she is not overpowering or too annoying at all. The only time I would lose to her is a bad board from start to finish but that’s the case against any heroes.


I think that the hardest thing to stomach is the fact that some of us have been around for 2+ years, have spent plenty of $$ on this game and still can’t get a difference making hero like Elizabeth.

Then to compound the anger, you face a team like Heimdall, Bera, Guin, Elizabeth, Finley and think “how in the hell can they have 5 amazing heros when I don’t have ANY of them?”. That’s why you see topics like this…

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I don’t have any of those, but I do have a bunch of other heroes that maybe they don’t. Some of them are fortunately quite good at taking on Elizabeth. Mind you if I saw a team like that I’d… actually I might have a go. I haven’t seen a Guinevere in Diamond for a couple of years.

@Gorann , who do you find “quite good at taking out Elizabeth”? Help!!

Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Healers and minion summoners to remove the spiders, blue hitters to take her out. Last time I fought one, this morning, I think - forgotten now but I think - I used Frida and Vela with my usual three purples (Seshat, C. Rigard and Proteus). Frida of course hits three hard and gives elemental defence down, and Vela not only has that nasty DOT but reduces enemy damage. Otherwise a Jackal and Malosi (for the status effect block), or Jackal and Poseidon (for the mana ailment block), one-two is effective. If you don’t have either of them, Bai Yeong, Joon or even Hu Tao can make her miss at least some of your heroes (ok, Hu will probably be too late but the others are fast or very fast). Frosth is another option because he not only summons minions which drive the spiders out, but gains mana for your other blues which I think Elizabeth’s status ailment doesn’t effect (?).

One thing I keep forgetting is it’s probably better to use non-costumed Rigard for the cleric talent that can resist mana effects. As a bonus, his big beefy heal will wipe out those spiders in one go.

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Make the parasites take damage and effectively add health but damage, reduce Mana, absorb helping, etc. until destroyed or removed due to heal. No problem at all then

You just need to pull more there’s no secret. People tend to hide/exaggerate/outright lie/cherry pick telling about their pulls or about how much they pull…the perception is completely wrong.

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I’m f2p and I was over the moon when I pulled Elizabeth in the first Underwild release. I levelled her up real quick and put her on my defence as flank. To my surprise, she didn’t seem to up my defence win rates. Also, when I attack with her, her average speed often means the raid is already won or lost before she fires. I only have her at +14 at the moment and have a level 14 mana troop, so she would definitely be better with a bit more speed.

It is fair to say I expected her to be comparable to Frigg or the ninjas and I don’t think she lives up to that, but she is still very good. I don’t think she should be nerfed (but I guess I would say that, as I have her!)

What I would say is that although she may not be as all conquering as I hoped, she is great fun to play with. I love the fiends game play dynamic. It stands out along with raid formations as one of the best recent additions to the game. Fair to say there have been some less favourable recent additions, so it is good to recognise the more creative and fun ones.


I found alot of my average heroes underwhelming lately so took a few weeks off of levelling heroes and spent all my food on levelling my mana troops to level 23. I now have 4 of 5 of the colours at 23 with my dark mana at 22. Having Elizabeth fire at 9 tile matches instead of 10 has vastly increased her performance offensively not to mention all my other average heroes

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Nice! I agree 100%, lvl 23 mana troops make a world of difference on offence for an average speed hero. Once I got my first rainbow lvl 23 mana troops, my offensive game completely changed… I now have 2 sets of rainbow level 29 mana troops and working on my third set now (all are sitting at lvl 25+ currently).

Putting a lvl 29 mana troop on fast heros is a game changer too. It is pleasantly surprising how often I can get my fast heros charged in 2 on-color tile matches (a dragon followed by a 3-tile match), which is fantastic.

Any hero that us OP will always be compared to Telluria. There are some major differences from Telly then and Elizabeth now. Elizabeth’s defensive stats are pretty ridiculous. But they aren’t too far off of what Telluria’s were when she was released. And that in and of itself is a big difference. There are way more powerful heroes now than there were when Telluria was fist around. Two, Telluria pared so unbelievably well with Vela, GM and JF that it made an near unbeatable front 3. And on top if that, Telluria is green. Red doesn’t have a lot of great options to make great attack teams if you don’t have a lot of the really specific heroes. The other colors are/were more robust. So I can see similarities between them, but time and color have alot to do with why Elizabeth really isn’t as OP now as Telluria was then.


It’s not really time nor colour but Telluria being a Paladin which seems to trigger all the time.

Lizzie dies to 3 tiles if you’ve built your team to kill her. Telluria didn’t.

My Lizzie is now +19 and she’s ok. Doesn’t really seem to make a difference to my war D when I use her or my regular D when I’ve used her there to.

She’s good on offence though. No doubt there.

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… and you didn’t dare use red anyway against Telluria because of Vela. You can very happily use blue against Elizabeth.

Leave Elizabeth alone. I just summoned her. She’s my only season 4 5 star hero

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In my case, she always dies from my 3 blue and pretty tiles. 100% always.

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