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Just use TAUNT heroes… I use Queen of Hearts against heroes like Elizabeth or Alfrike. She absorbs all damage and reduces it with a huge amount. It almost feels like Elizabeth is just kissing her…

This is a great debate. Instead of closing the topic on Elizabeth which many people find to be very debatable, you just choose not to respond

I’d like to have it closed as well since this is ridiculous…

At least it should be moved to gameplay subcategory to discuss it further, though I’m not sure what’s left to discuss :roll_eyes:

LOL, except hardly anybody who is CTP or lower has a taunt hero…they’re rare! Taunt counters everything by the way.

I am finding it hard to believe this is even a issue still

I got Elizabeth and was soo excited I maxed her right away over Gefjon , in raids in offence shes ok but shes a support in either offence or defence, like neith not game changer like original telly. I would say shes maybe telly version two …not version one but better than version 3 .

In defence I don’t fear her at all, bring a bunch of fast snipers and shes dead before she fires, I dont even prioritize killing her over say frigg or BK or bera or finley or jabber or alfrike or onyx or garnett or SIFF or cobalt or killshare or hell even heimdall, MN and alby .

Should have done Gefjon to be honest

If you had her, you’d realize she’s defeated with the right set up. She’s not invincible…

Learn how to work what you have.

I’m gonna stay off the forums because it’s threads like this that makes me pissed - every decent hero I’ve received has been nerfed — I’m honestly sick of spending my $$ just so the whiners and have nots can get their way.

We are seeing a steady line of newer and stronger hero’s. Get lucky and pull a few, or just close it and play the best you can with what you have…

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Dunno how to put a notice up. Haha. sorry Mr Anderson that wasn’t directed at you.
Err keep it civil this getting lot of flags it’s a disscuisson we all ain’t gonna agree on every thing.

Elizabeth is fine the way she is in my opinion. If you’re having trouble against her with a decent board then you might want to consider changing your team and approach against her. When I first saw her card; I thought she was very overpowering but after fighting her, she is not overpowering or too annoying at all. The only time I would lose to her is a bad board from start to finish but that’s the case against any heroes.


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