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Well, the math on 28% is 420 on heroes with 1500 HP and add another 300

Not sure what your point is exactly?

420 heal plus 300 damage (upper bound - I am not sure I have seen her do 300 damage, and for me heroes rarely reach 1500hp) is absolutely not equivalent to 720 damage. A healer sitting on 400 health hit by 720 damage will die and likely end of match as the others have also been hit by 720 with little chance of recovery, but a healer sitting on 400 health hit by Elizabeth then using his heal will end up on roughly 400 health (with the rest of the team in a similar position to before)

Just look at your defense then. It’s pretty simple math. Try this formula. Friggs health is on your team is 1431x28=400.

It’s plain and simple math. Try it and you can figure how much heal you lose. Hopefully you can get your 2 healers off waiting without having to use them.

I’m not sure if you’re sandbagging your troops but you’re level 17 troops are gonna get hit on your team is gonna get hit for probably around 320ish range. Mine are higher and it varies between 280 and 320 and that’s using shield path

That’s the point. It’s simple math, plain and simple. Try it sometimes and a response to your you’re more than likely gonna lose if these heroes go off, if Frigg goes off, it’s not a likely loss. Maybe for you but not myself and she usually does go off every time I battle her which is about at least half of my raids

So to summarize 400+300=700 for the loss and if you’re lucky enough to have been able to sit on your heals because you’ve had a great board, which is pretty much all I have ever seen from your videos, then Liz is easy, all 5000 videos

I agree, i watched those videos and thought exactly the same.
The attack teams used were not strong, it is not proving anything by sharing videos which the outcome is reliant on being super lucky with colours everytime.

A good defense team punishes you when you don’t get a good board and before you get a chance to turn it around.
Using very slow player on 3/70 in an attack team proves just how lucky the boards were. I mean how lucky do you need to be to survive long enough to even activate that player.

I think we also need to see the catastrophic fail videos to see the full picture. )

But, it isn’t. I won 10 out of 12 in sequence. One of the videos got corrupted, but you can see my watchtower. Same team used every time. And I am using 3 colours in those teams specifically so I don’t have to rely on lucky boards.

No, that only proves you have gaps in your knowledge about the game. I am using Grimble to charge up Alfrike like a 9 tile hero. Count how many times I charged up Alfrike in the video below…

Anyhoo, my attack team now is even “weaker” than before with 2 4* and 2 5* at 3/70 (Lord Loki and Alfrike) with Grimble max emblemed. A 4k TP team taking on 4.6 to 4.8k TP teams. Here are the next 6 consecutive raids I did with this team vs teams with Elizabeth and a summoner in them. Using almost rainbow now, again to try to remove the concept of “lucky” and “unlucky” boards and make every board survivable until I get key specials out.

In the wins I was able to be ready with a heal counter almost every time for Elizabeth. In the rare times when I wasn’t, I was able to recover from her special.

The one I lost was winnable, I didn’t play optimally especially towards the end. Elizbaeth unsurprisngly wasn’t the major factor in the loss.

To be clear I am not hating on Elizabeth. I think in offense she would be great, and I wish I had her. In defense she is probably a B grade - just not the same threat level as the A-level Friggs, Odins, C Kads, ninjas etc. But certainly a far, far cry from OP or needing any kind of nerfing.

Edit: 1 more as I recharged a flag, for good measure

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Thanks for proving our points again. Great starts and thanks for hijacking another thread.

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Funny :slight_smile:

Seriously? I have 4 colours of heroes… is the only board start you will accept as valid one that only has the colour that I didn’t bring?

I didn’t start the topic of Elizabeth being OP. And if you recall you asked me to get videos of consecutive wins againts her. Well, I now have 16/19 wins in consecutive raids against her… but of course they have all just been “unfair wins with a weak attacking team against an OP hero because of great starting boards”.

Good luck finding your objectivity it is well and truly lost somewhere.

Anyhooooo… this topic is getting too toxic for me. I know where Elizabeth stands in defense, and I guess everybody is free to feel however else they want to about it

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Yes I did and you didnt do it. Pick the vidoes that make you look good and the videos where you start off with a 6 cascade move or start off with a diamond. Its the same thing over and over. Great boards and then the excuse of if Frigg goes off, you more than likely gonna lose. Wrong. Maybe for you because you rely setting off the non threating heroes and attacking defenses with terrible synergies

Good luck finding your objectivity, its not subjectivity, it is truly lost somewhere and remember, you started with the insults so when we both get warned, look in the mirror

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Nope…all consecutive. As requested. All the evidence is there, if you care to open your eyes

I was literally just finding the first Elizabeth teams I came across, where there was a summoner in the mix

Well done! The first point you have actually gotten right so far. Let me go back and adjust that

What insults did I start with, pray tell? On second thought, don’t bother. End this thread.

how about quitting highjacking threads and proving how you the smartest guy in town.

If you cant see how you’re insulting others, thats on you.

You can end the thread or at least the Homaclese takeover by quit showing BS videos

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Lol. You’re good. People just want an echo chamber to mass complain with each other. Don’t know why people get so offended when you’re trying to help.

Man, this thread has become tiresome, with no new points.
Elizabeth is a good hero. Not an OP one. And like all good heroes, e.g. Alfrike, Zeus, Bera etc. it’s difficult to deal with once it fires.
Does it mean rebalancing? Nope. Just some preparation. As it should be.

Again they were lucky boards, your entire plan revolves around activating grimble and then grimble activating Alfrike. because if you can’t kill those minions before the big hitters activate then you are toast. And my point is a hero on 3/70 can’t take a hit… you were lucky !!
Oh what a surprise you show a video that starts with a board full of violet )

Also funny how you Mock my knowledge of the game…you claim to win 23 in a row… but your cups are only 2700 on the video? I’m higher than that before i start.

and yet another topic hijacked by Homaclese.

The videos prove one thing: Grimble against a minion summoner paired with Afrike and Lord Loki is overpowered. All wins come from Grimble firing and charging Afrike/Loki and then it makes game over for the opponent. Afrike and Loki are insanely overpowered on offense. It’s sick.

On topic: Elizabeth is NOT overpowered. Can be tough if you aren’t prepared, but much less ridiculous compared to most recent heroes.

I basically said it from the day Grimble came out - he is a great hero. The prevalence of Freya and Bera tanks just really highlights that now. He basically makes any hero you want become a 9 tile hero, which is why I was so excited to pull Alfrike. Both Alfrike and Lord Loki are currently at 3/70 which means they die early at times - the team will be super solid when I am able to ascend both

Exactly what I have been saying

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7 more consecutive “lucky” boards? Following on from my previous 14 consecutive “lucky” boards (I thought it was 12 but I checked back and it was 14)? Man I must be the luckiest guy in the world!

Well, yes. That is exactly how I use Grimble. Use my 2 healers to try to keep everyone alive, then make sure buffs are dispelled so I can use Grimble to charge Alfrike and/or Loki. Of course it doesn’t always turn out that way, but thats the battle plan… your point being?


I was “lucky” to win 19/22 vs your “OP” Elizabeth with my underpowered team? It is certainly not good synergy and board manipulation - and the fact that she is actually not OP. Aha.

Again - I showed 7 consecutive battles

Not mocking - pointing it out because you mad a point of showing that it was “proof” that the boards were lucky because I was using a very slow hero who didn’t die. I did win 23 (or 24) in a row - when did I say it was part of this run? It happened about 2 weeks ago. And no “claim” required, I have a video of my watchtower. The point of that was that boards are not rigged, which I know you certainly believe (because how else could you lose, right?). And good on your defense for being higher than 2700 cups when you start - I have to start at around 2600 usually becaues that is what my Malicna defense can hold. Not sure what your point in any of that is.

I have been on topic the whole time - showing that the claim that Elizabeth is OP on defense is false. And using videos to back that up. You decide if you and others have been also on topic with your “commentary” on my posts.

I would request that you close this thread and stay on topic now

Agree, but since I don’t have Grimble (or Afrike or Lord Loki) I didn’t know just how great he was! Grimble is A++ versus minion summoners. I wish I had a Grimble now to pair with my C Azlar! Just wait until you max and emblem Afrike and Lord Loki…yikes!

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Just use TAUNT heroes… I use Queen of Hearts against heroes like Elizabeth or Alfrike. She absorbs all damage and reduces it with a huge amount. It almost feels like Elizabeth is just kissing her…

This is a great debate. Instead of closing the topic on Elizabeth which many people find to be very debatable, you just choose not to respond

I’d like to have it closed as well since this is ridiculous…

At least it should be moved to gameplay subcategory to discuss it further, though I’m not sure what’s left to discuss :roll_eyes:

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