Elite Training only giving Dark 3*



The Last 2 weeks of Elite Training that’s 6-7 times has given me all dark 3* hero’s, while i’m glad its not 1* or 2*'s its still irritating.

I don’t know if this is normal or just bad luck, I already had all the dark 3*'s before this now i’m just getting copies over and over again, currently i have 3 of them maxed out working on a fourth, but i don’t seem to be getting any other natures.

Could really use some other natures with multi hit special attacks/spirit link i think that is what i was missing during this last pirates event.

I even thought it was because the even had 100% reflect dark enemies the game was just trolling me…
Have any of you had this problem?

Thank you for all help


Yep it hurts to see something like that happening after waiting for 2 days each time. Hurts even more if they are the ones that already exist. Sorry.
Anyways I can’t say if it is a case of bad luck just with your TCs or if there are more out there that are seeing the same pattern but at least in my case with a TC13, in the last few days I have got an Oberon (purple), Azar (red), Bane (Yellow) etc. . So it is a mix of colors for sure. Hope you soon start seeing a good rainbow mix of heroes :slight_smile:


Thanks although i forgot to add that i also spent 600 gems on 2 event summons while one was First Mate Boomer(DARK 4*) the other was…you guessed it another dark 3* so that makes a total of 9 straight Dark LOL/GRRRR…don’t know weather to laugh or cry…

Thanks for the reply

not counting daily summons here just elite training and event summons


rip gems :disappointed_relieved: too expensive buy gems in my country (Indonesia)


I haven’t personally experimced Elite being stuck on one color, but I have had duplicates of all kinds from the TC13.

Since duplicate cards give a 25% Special level up chance if fed to the same kind of card, I would use the dupes for food and try again.


It is just bad luck.


Really bad luck. I trained two Valen’s within 10 minutes of each other out of my TC13’s yesterday. What are the chances? And I already have a maxed one so they got fed.


Actually the chances to pull 2 same heroes isn’t that small. If you pulled one Valen. There is maybe a 80% chance to get another 3* hero. And there are 24 different 3* heroes. So the chances to pull another Valen is 0.8 * 1/24 = 0.033 so about 3.3%. so every 30th pull or so :slight_smile:


Hah, thanks :slight_smile:

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So 4 days later 2 more elite trainings and they were Prisca and a few minutes ago a renfeld geez…

Although I’ve thought about it and I already have others that I’m leveling so I guess I keep updating this to see how long this goes on


Sounds like the Curse of the Purple rolls is continuing for you. All things have to end including bad streaks lol so let’s hope the hero colors change soon.

If it means anything know that I got 2 Banes in this one week from my TC13s which will be sitting next to the 2 Banes I already have. Will fodder them soon. But I guess everybody has their own hero color problems lol

Good luck on the next one and let’s hope you get a 4* even :wink:


How many purples without a break is this? Gotta be a record of some kind…


Lol rdy 2 jump rook? It is possible that ur ruler decided u would get nothing but Dark elites. If they have since changed their minds, it might be fixable, but if U have this problem u might hav 2 liv with it.
Lol, also do Not make heroes during a Dark event if u have too many. It that was the problem, go ahead a throw all the dirt u like at me.

Ok now u can jump, rook.

Ps. If not you can change the cycle by dumping ur spare darks, an making some other colors at lower levels. U may view this as costly if you spent money, but if ur not $$pending it’s a viable experiment.

Ps 2 do Not dump ur Main party. You might want those later.


Are you suggesting we have Evil Overlords? :grin:


That’s not how they see it. They think the game is evil. Ergo, my Balthazar hits for 1200, that’s 700 over par, making him class as a demigod, etcetera, an in their mythology, it ain’t good.


I love my Balthazar, but he dies very quickly, facing a lvl 8* Titan. Puny demigod! :grin:


The streak stopped at 11 lol now I got a blue 3* I already have does this mean it’s the start of a new color streak stay tuned to find out on the next episode of dragon ball …o wait wrong forum


Officially broken streak at 11 got a 2 blue 3*s one I didn’t have and spent 300 gems for me a Horghall as well.

The game rewarded my patience :grin: