🏆 Elite Force - Top50 alliance when full is waiting for you

Elite Force is a Top50-alliance with members from all over the world. We are as multicultural and friendly as it gets.

Our chat is mainly in English and French, but we also frequently speak Turkish and Dutch, and rarely Italian.

We’re stringing 14* titans and they die early, so we prefer any new members to have Miki, Tarlak or Ranvir.

We’ll have an open spot after the war. If you’re a player with average troop level 23 or higher, check us out.

Line required. Contact blisselite or slickelite


Solid players. Solid team.


Time for bump.

Thanks for shoutout @Math4lyfe!


I can get behind this, some of my favorite players in the game. A fun group of outstanding players. Recommend:)


Thanks for your nice comment @Hilaria! Love you and other good people over at The Last Legion.

Keep rocking the leaderboard!

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Are you elite? Are you laidback and fun?

Would you like to be in an alliance with you speaking your native language? Or would you like to just hit titans and do wars and not talk to anyone?

We welcome all easy-going strong players with any play style. Don’t get intimidated by the top100 label, fun is of top priority at Elite Force. Come join us now and let the fun times roll!

Bump. 20 characters. Repeat.

Another bump? No way

Hey we’re looking for the next fun and strong player tp join us after war.

We’re now a regular in top20 when full.

Congratulations. Really tough recruiting these days. Good opportunity for anyone elite.

Thanks for visiting us @Ebonest it’s really appreciated.

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Thank you for shoutout draco. I also loved visiting you guys

We’re looking for troops level 23 or more.

2 spots open

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